Temperature over 460 degrees, supercritical water was found, its existence has violated the laws of physics

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In water is our life often exists, in either form, basically can be seen everywhere, the inside of the refrigerator frozen layer of ice, fire boiling hot water out of the water vapor, the table stood in the cold boiled water, seems to have no fresh for us, after all, small see big, but outside of these three classic mode.In fact, there is another form of water that few people know, if it has to be said, it should be the intermediate state of gas and liquid, or it can be said that the fusion of water vapor, it is called supercritical water.Supercritical water supercritical water, from the name can feel its biggest characteristic, that is, at a certain boundary, such a state should not be very stable in imagination, after all, one step forward can be one state, and one step back can immediately become another state.Generally speaking, supercritical water does not exist in the biosphere of human existence, at least not in its natural state, and most of what we know about it is artificially generated in the laboratory through the setting of specific conditions, and the requirements of these conditions are very detailed, almost not enough.But naturally formed supercritical water nor does not exist, just we compare far away, and the earliest discovered was recorded in 2008 years or so, a scientist working in the field investigation accidentally discovered its existence, is a deep place in the middle of a nozzle, the environment condition is different from other places in the ocean is obvious.The first and most obvious is temperature. The vent itself is like a hot spring on the ground, spewing hot water from the inside out.It’s 464 degrees Celsius, but it’s actually a little bit lower, because it’s so deep, so the pressure is higher than it is on the surface, and the pressure increases, and the boiling point of the water goes up, and that’s why it’s over 400 degrees but it’s not boiling.It is in this environment that scientists have discovered the existence of supercritical water.But for laboratory research results, to form a supercritical water actually not need such a high temperature, but if you want to clear up these natural supercritical water and artificial distinction between supercritical water, we must be able to get its sample, but it is not easy for scientists, although do not have a boiling hot water,But it still poses a significant obstacle to sampling.What’s more, these supercritical waters have another troubling property, which is oxidation.If it is in the experimental environment, this property can be well isolated and controlled, but in the natural environment, it brings about a violent oxidation reaction, most of the equipment as long as near, will be more or less affected.Let alone these big things, carbon monoxide and oxygen can not escape its control, once close to dissolve in it, organic matter is almost inevitable.In addition to temperature, the formation of supercritical water is fundamentally inseparable from pressure, which creates a perfect environment in the deep sea, especially at the plate boundary such as ocean trench.Because of underground magma activity, the water here is much warmer than in other waters, and because of the depth, the pressure is naturally very high.Generally speaking, for supercritical water to form, the temperature and pressure must be at least 374 degrees Celsius and 22.1 megapascals, and of course it can only fluctuate around here, too much below or above, and it will turn into something else, which is what the word critical means.Short, supercritical water is actually the confluence of two kinds of changes, imagine that you are in the same space of two tests, one is to put the liquid water is heated, the other is water vapor pressure, the process will appear such a moment, let the density and decreases the density of liquid water and increasing of water vapor to a common value.At this point, the density of the two sides is exactly the same, but the state has not completely changed, and the same density gives them the conditions to blend, so that they merge together, and become a special form of fluid, namely supercritical water.They are found naturally only at great depths, such as the Mariana Trench, the deepest in the world.Although the current science and technology is still difficult to support in-depth sampling of these waters, but the artificial synthesis has made great progress, using some of the properties of supercritical water, scientists have found many applications of it.Perhaps it is hard for us to imagine, but supercritical water can also play a large role in environmental protection, which is directly related to its oxidation, because of the activity of the vertical pole, supercritical water can deal with a lot of waste.As long as the oxidation is sufficient, the pollution can be reduced to the minimum, and even a lot of oxidation residue can be recycled, really achieve zero pollution.This ability is not just talk the talk, a lot of national environmental protection agency have been investing in research and development, and established a mature technology system, hope to be able to fully give play to the role of supercritical water, on the basis of also can cut the energy consumption of the process itself, and even make the oxidation reaction of their own to provide some energy,In short, it is to maximize environmental benefits with minimum investment.Only in this way can we realize the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection in the whole chain.Of course, supercritical water has also emerged in industrial production, especially in the extraction of this link, can be said to perform quite well.Conclusion Although it seems that supercritical water is not in line with our common sense of life, with the help of technology, it will still become a useful existence for human beings. As for whether there will be other surprises in natural supercritical water, it needs further exploration and study.