College entrance examination “hidden rules” big exposure: college entrance examination 8 truth and 4 big insider!The university entrance exam answer read

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Many examinees and parents have such doubts, why the usual score is ok, the results to the college entrance examination chain score is lower?How about the direction of the college entrance examination?How to answer more easily get high marks?After 20 years of development, Beida College Entrance Examination repeat school has become a well-known institution in Beijing.Also is the college entrance examination high score examinee first college entrance examination resumes school.In 2022, the college entrance examination will return to Beijing full-time courses and become the first examinee to return to Beijing.Today, beida college entrance Examination repeat school brings us to understand, college entrance examination proposition 8 truth and 4 big inside, know oneself know enemy, can win all battles!Hurry up!The essence of college entrance examination is a selective examination.College entrance examination proposition experts are mostly university teachers, and university teachers play a key leading role in the proposition work!Some students did well in the mock examination, but their scores in the college entrance examination declined, because most of the mock examination questions were written by high school teachers, which were very different from the proposition ideas of college teachers, so it was difficult for examinees to grasp the characteristics of the proposition of college teachers.The university entrance examination topic changes face quickly, the degree of difficulty has the fluctuation, the kaleidoscope grasp the core, know oneself know the enemy can win every battle!Part of the college entrance examination questions are written by college teachers.2 Truth 2 college entrance examination questions closely linked to the “examination outline” and “examination instructions”, but usually around the “simulation volume” basically bet less than the real question, because the college entrance examination proposition group has “anti-topic” measures.3 the truth of the three high examination questions in principle not out of the strange topic, the topic, not to avoid the “test point”, but in the proposition Angle, method, topic type work hard.4 Truth 4 College entrance examination questions through “attack” students collective “soft rib” to highlight the “selective”.In other words, the questions that most students find difficult capture the weaknesses of most students in a specific knowledge point, and are designed to make the best students stand out.The exam questions are mainly marked by college teachers, doctoral and master students and some middle school teachers.6 Truth six college entrance examination paper scoring rules are mainly made by university teachers.The college entrance examination is a selective test, which aims to stratify candidates according to their scores so that colleges and universities can select them easily.The usual test or simulation is basically a testing test, the purpose is to test the degree of knowledge, check the deficiency.Therefore, there is no profound understanding, fine and parallel to the college entrance examination of selective papers, will often lose in the college entrance examination “should not lose” points.8 Truth 8 the college entrance examination a volume can determine the universe, for the country to select qualified talents, the key lies in it through the “test point” and “easy test point” comprehensive choice to proposition, can accurately test the real ability of students.The college entrance examination is to select talents for colleges and universities, not from one to two.Selection, it is necessary to distinguish levels, and the proposition of university teachers will highlight ability, application, innovation of thinking, method and efficiency.From this point of view, in the final stage of college entrance examination review, the more blindly, a large number of students do “garbage questions”, the more uncertain the heart.Why the real college entrance examination proposition research experts dare to say that certain point must be tested, not only because it is the key point on the test outline, the key point on the test description, and it is easy to seize the examinee “soft rib” practical point.For instance the function property in mathematics, derivative, probability takes an examination of certainly, why?These knowledge and abilities provide a foundation for further research on possible problems and solving practical problems in life after entering the university.The usual test, practice, simulation, often knowledge as the basis of the proposition, and the college entrance examination is based on “ability determination” proposition.So even a “fill-in-the-blank” question actually involves a question of competence.So at ordinary times review and practice should pay attention to and university knowledge join, from teaching material outline, be higher than teaching material outline, reflect the requirement of innovation ability and quality education.2, the college entrance examination marking four insider 1 insider 1: marking papers often only focus on the right part of the answer because of the attention of marking personnel on key words, so often only pay attention to the right part of the answer, for partial answer wrong part is often too busy to care.It is very common to get points for correct answers and no points for wrong answers.But in addition to the main points, the teacher to change the paper when the basic structure of the answer is correct, sentence expression is accurate.If the structure is clear, the sentence is accurate, the expression is fluent, can get relatively high score generally.Although not every teacher scores by feeling, it is certainly very important to give the teacher a good impression. In particular, a beautiful beginning may lay the foundation for a high score.The computer will send each paper to two teachers at the same time, and if the error is within the specified range, the corrected paper will be considered valid.The computer will show how many of the papers each teacher grades are valid.Therefore, in the process of changing the volume, many teachers in order to seek stability, can not help but go to a score segment.If you find yourself being less productive, you tend to move toward average.What appear this kind of circumstance is the answer of liberal arts mostly, especially composition, accordingly, train of thought is about as far as possible extraordinary, have originality, such ability attracts the eyeball that changes a book teacher, ability gets high mark.3 insider 3: catch score point to become the key to read when the college entrance examination, the answer of every small topic can set a number of score points according to the meaning of the title, only the score details by the provisions of the collection points answer just give points.Therefore, in the process of marking, many teachers tend to focus on the search for marking points, which is actually the scanning of a few key words, while ignoring the quality of sentences.Therefore, when answering the questions, no matter how much you answer or how little you answer, you should first write out the key parts and keywords of the answer, and then consider the quality of the sentence.In this way, no matter how you answer, you don’t have to worry about losing points.According to teachers who have participated in the examination of the college entrance examination in recent years, the examination of the college entrance examination is very fast. In many cases, it takes only a few seconds or tens of seconds to correct a question on average, and a teacher has to correct hundreds or even thousands of papers a day on average (only one question).Every day to change hundreds, even thousands of papers, the light is to look at the page, click the mouse has been very hard, therefore, in the process of heavy and dry grading, orderly, legible papers will undoubtedly add a good impression to review personnel, as far as possible to points.I believe that you face the college entrance examination students, to understand the college entrance examination after the insider will be able to have targeted to strengthen their own ability, make up for the lack of, will be able to take a lead in the college entrance examination, less lost some points, get good results!Pay attention to beida see education, more information and questions of the college entrance examination click to read the original text, free access to the college entrance examination model two model high school competition and strong foundation questions.