The judge went into the school to interpret the law face to face

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Recently, Judge Maiya Rong of Xinjiang Yanqi County Court went deep into Yanqi County technical school, and gave a wonderful rule of law lesson to more than 200 towns, villages, communities and county departments responsible for the work of women’s federations, which was praised by the participants.Buy her the judge in layman’s language, the detailed analysis to the participants the family marriage made up of the civil code, from the divorce in 30 days to calm period, full-time wife compensation to be given a clear and so on eight big luminescent spot, vividly describes the family marriage made up of the civil code compiling concept such as protection of marriage and family, encouraging lasting marriage,This paper analyzes the key laws of Marriage and Family Edition based on the cases related to marriage and family and other typical cases.After the lecture, Judge Maiyarong patiently and carefully answered the legal questions and problems that the participants encountered in their work and life.Haidu community cadres Ma said, “Buy judge this class is too wonderful, not only to explain the legal knowledge, but also to answer the legal problems we encounter in the work, very timely, the effect is also very good, for our community cadres in the future to do a good job of serving the masses to provide legal help.”New Year, yanqi county court tree concept of justice for the people, for the people “as a consolidated party history study education and team the important action of the reorganization of the education of politics and law, actively participate in social management, relying on the village (community) a judge studio, actively help solve contradiction, the send method to the countryside, legal advice, legal propaganda activities, solve the crowd to worry about things, trouble, heart,Show the new era of the good style of the court police, by the local people’s praise and praise.(Wu Haiyan)