My wife will be leaving her job soon. What should I do?

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My wife will be leaving her job soon. What should I do?How can I politely ask her to put her shoes on, her feet are a bit smelly, because she is a girl who is ashamed to talk.What is clearly designed for girls, but used more often by boys?When you get on this bus, you’ll see.Highly emotional reactions How would you respond?Brothers, I will work in a big city, I am very confused, what should I choose?Unexpected revelation 5AD versus 5AP, guess which team wins?Why wasn’t Xiao Li promoted?Is this really the way to sit in this chair?Why do animals don’t need to wipe their butts after defecating, but humans can’t?What’s the most trivial sentence you’ve ever heard?I’m confused. How do I wash this dress?But just this stupid boy?Why is a cow a compliment and a dog a curse?I failed my exams and want to take a second one. Is it still too late to be 26?Why do erotic dreams automatically wake you up at critical moments, and is it the body’s protective mechanism?Skillfully present yourself and explain what you have read and understood.Describe yourself in four words You will find that my girlfriend wants to change her name to “dragon”. What do you recommend?Smile a smile