When facing Cao Cao’s army, will you retreat or be stiff?

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A few words of nonsense before the body begins.On the day of the New Year’s eve, small make up the child is born, have been living in day and night upside down, don’t have time to update the article, so before always to say “happy New Year, today finally be tidied up schedules, late New Year’s greeting to you, want to see the article friend, good luck in the New Year, everything is all right.Back to the theme, in the biography of the Heroes of The Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei was cornered by Lu Bu and had no choice but to take refuge with Cao Cao and defeat Lu Bu, thus taking revenge. However, under The hands of Cao Cao, Liu Bei was terrified and always had to be on guard against Cao Cao for fear of being poisoned.At this time, Emperor Xian found Liu Bei and sent him a jade belt. He asked liu Bei to go back and study it carefully.Seeing emperor Xian’s edits, Liu Bei was so excited that he could not wait to kill cao Cao and help the Han dynasty. However, his limited ability meant that he could only think of a way to get rid of Cao Cao.Next is the battle of Guangling expedition Yuan Shu, this is very simple, regardless of practice not practice level are simple, can say that when playing this close, in the case of not understanding practice level, also won’t let the player feel a little difficult.The highest enemy level is level 20 yuan Shu, plus Yuan Shu only has 12 troops, and there are two useless military bands, so this is actually to give the player experience.Although this is very simple, but for the beginning of the players will not practice level, help is still very big, because you can get two weapons, Zhang Fei single pick jiling, get three knives, and then there are seven star sword treasures in the library, no problem of welfare.After the battle of Guangling, the personnel in the imperial edicts were exposed and Cao Cao started killing. If Liu Bei did not leave in advance, or Cao Cao did not release Liu Bei to crusade Against Yuan Shu, then Liu Bei here would be the final result.When Cao Cao saw liu Bei in the imperial edicts, one can imagine how angry he became.When Liu Bei was in danger, Cao Cao took him in. On the contrary, Liu Bei tried to get rid of him, which no one would have accepted.When Liu Bei knew that the edict had been exposed, he followed Sun Gan’s advice and attacked Xuzhou.He planned to support The three cities of Xuzhou, Xiapi, and Xiaopei to attack Cao Cao.At this time Zhang Fei would leave to defend Xiaopei and Guan Yu would leave to defend Xiapi.In the following campaigns, guan Yu and Zhang Fei were eliminated.This is not good news for the previous players who relied too heavily on Guan zhang, since guan’s departure meant that there was almost no one left on the team.If you understand the average level of players, then the next battle in Xuzhou will be better.This is already the second battle of Xuzhou. In fact, this level is not very difficult, but at the beginning, the player did not know the situation of this level, so liu Bei did not retreat in time, and finally the regiment was defeated in this level.In the beginning, there are very few enemies on the map, and the enemy general has only one armor.After defeating Che Zhou and Liu Bei and entering Xuzhou, Cao Cao’s army appears in the upper left corner.It can be said that the pressure of Cao Cao’s army in the Battle of Xuzhou is the most powerful one for players. Although there will be cao Cao’s army in the later levels, they are not as shocking as this one. When playing this level for the first time, I have a feeling that I can’t beat it.Later will practice level or liu Bei level rose to 99 later, and feel cao Cao this point is not enough to fight.If liu Bei had been given the red rabbit, his escape would have been faster and he would not have been besieged. However, if liu Bei had not been given the red rabbit and had been allowed to move slowly, he would have been blocked by Cao Cao’s cavalry. That was the difficulty.Xiaobian first play this level, or was stuck for a long time, not to say hard fight, even escape has become a problem.I don’t know when you play this level, what is the situation?Welcome to share!(Just talk about the first time you play this level, don’t comment on it with the eyes of the latter.)