Wenzhou: “sorry, I lied again.”Police some Spring Festival monologue, see how many people cry?

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Annual end of the second day early in the morning after a short holiday police yan-jun zhao in gathering New Year moment in everyone s home to post in the home, the younger son embrace his refusal to respectively that a wave of his hand to the younger son yan-jun zhao is looking at four days to pressure to give up to say goodbye to the family said will come back soon with your New Year’s day is in my heart silently to apologize, I’m sorry,I lied again “next year’s New Year must go home” Before going to work on New Year’s Eve zhao Yanjun is ready to hit the road patrol received a call from his mother in Shandong, “Mom, this year’s New Year and don’t go back don’t worry about me, you eat more…””I haven’t been home to spend Chinese New Year with my parents in 9 years…”When it comes to this topic has always been open and bright humorous yan-jun zhao fell silent again much tone when opening a SOB is this Zhao Yanlai wenzhou 14 years he chose to remain as usual jobs can take more time with their parents on duty clearance calls (yan-jun zhao family) look at the parents of moss covered with white hair gradually yan-jun zhao in the mind is full of acidity commitment again and again the next year must haveHome to Chinese New Year with you but he is not sure whether the promise will become “lies” and “free dad also take you to” as a high-speed traffic police gathered from much less as if has become the norm when he have time at home with her two children when they are always very excited chirp told dad where is the dad are taking them to the other children playing “the next weekend,Father also take you to play “this is the most often yan-jun zhao response due to the nature of work special yan-jun zhao, however, have to break a promise slowly, this sentence into a free” such as father also take you to play “(yan-jun zhao family) annual lunar calendar yan-jun zhao again say goodbye to his family in the early morning to brigade son clasped the he will not let it go yan-jun zhao can only silence speaks to coax” you lovely,When my father comes back, I will take you to play. “The wife and eldest son are considerate of Zhao Yanjun’s work though they do not give up and tell him:”Pay attention to safety, we are waiting for you to go home.” “I am ok, I am not tired.” “You go to have dinner first, and LEAVE it to me.” zhao Yanjun said to his shift colleagues when it was off duty.With the surge of high-speed traffic, accidents and breakdowns also increase, high-speed traffic police become busier than usual, especially during the Spring Festival expressway free period, in order to make drivers get home faster, working overtime to deal with accidents has become the norm. “I’m ok, I’m not tired”, “you eat first, I’m not hungry”…This is yan-jun zhao often in they actually stand is several hours after a succession of time sometimes still drink saliva, rest a while in busy bear yan-jun zhao does not want to force for the masses of the people peace and to celebrate the Spring Festival travel to provide “safe, smooth and harmonious, orderly” highway traffic environment as long as it can let everyone peace reunion tiring himselfAlso worth looking at thousands of doors as day, protecting thousands of lights to show that they do not love home but there is a bigger home to guard