To tell you the truth, I’d rather stay in a rental house than go home for the Spring Festival

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The seventh day of the year, the first day of work.When I opened my moments, it was full of happy workaholics heading to work.Two of my best friends even volunteered to work overtime between the first and sixth grades.I can feel the relief.After all, if home is warm enough, who would want to go to the office?I am the kind of person who would rather stay in a rented apartment than go back to my hometown for Chinese New Year if my parents didn’t push me hard this year.Even when I arrived at the train station, I wondered if I could find an excuse to go back the way I came, but thinking of my elderly parents, I couldn’t bear it.The more I grow up, the more I understand that love and hate are always so difficult to give up.On the way home, there was no expectation and happiness for the New Year, but a picture of the execution of fear and uneasy.During the Spring Festival, I always can’t help thinking of zhang Ailing once said: “born in this world, there is no feeling is not full of holes.”Love friendship so, affection is no exception.Every day I stay at home is a torment.It seems that every little thing will cause parents to blame.My cousin drove to my home to visit relatives, my mother accused me: “You see your cousin, people can drive for several years, you, even an electric car can not ride, stupid dead.You went to college.”I have explained to her several times that I suffer from severe motion sickness and have an extreme fear of driving.Besides, I don’t need a car in my current life.But she still starts pointing fingers whenever she sees someone driving.Spring Festival is the season to set off firecrackers, I hear the sound of firecrackers, always afraid to plug my ears.My mother said, “I don’t know what to be afraid of setting off a firecracker. Look at you, you’re not afraid of being laughed at.”When I was cooking, my mother would ask me what I wanted to eat, and AT first I would tell her my answer carefully.But I found that no matter what my answer was, my mother always arranged it on her own terms.If I said I wanted noodles, her habitual response would be, “Let’s have dumplings today and noodles tomorrow.”During the Chinese New Year, I often do too much cooking. After my parents finish eating, they want me to liquidate.As for me, when I am full, I cannot complete the task of “liquidation” naturally. My parents will accuse me of wasting food and not eating well.During the Spring Festival, I chatted with my relatives in the family group, and was criticized by my parents for using inappropriate words and being indifferent.Even if you post on moments.Later to screen them, also want to be scolded.And then they stopped.Wash your face and be accused of wasting too much water.Believe it or not, I am even more “refined” at home than I am at work. My clothes must conform to my parents’ taste so as not to cause any arguments.When I was in the company, I basically wore whatever I wanted.But at home, I would wear pink, and my parents would say sarcastically, “Pink is nice, but how old are you?”.Even once, when I was visiting relatives, I wore a hoodie. My mother disagreed, thinking the hoodie was too childish, and asked me to wear a blue sweater. I countered that the blue sweater was washed yesterday and a little damp.Mother said: “almost dry, you wear on the body, while dry cover.”In the end, my mother and I argued about the clothes for half an hour, and I ended up compromising.I had mixed feelings about wearing that half-wet sweater in the middle of winter.As soon as I listened to my cousin who sold pork in Shijiazhuang and earned hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, my mother immediately pointed the finger at me: “Look at somebody else, you went to school for so many years, and earned no more than your cousin.”Regardless of how embarrassed I was in front of a relative.Come to think of a sentence: “my mother this life, what can not.The best way is to accuse me of this and that.”The above are a few small things that my parents left me after I came back home.In short, every day at home was spent with caution and self-doubt.I think it is not so difficult for me to be a daughter. When I was in school, I earned my first scholarship and even gave up eating hotpot. I hurriedly brought the money to my family to use in my brother’s wedding.After graduation, he did not give less to his family, but his parents were not satisfied.So, I really want to accompany in their side, but also really afraid to accompany in their side.I have tried to communicate with my family and ask them not to be so mean to me.But parents always say: “just say you two how, is not good for you, in addition to me, others are too lazy to ignore you.”Slowly it dawned on me that it was impossible to change two people over a hundred years old between them.I kept telling myself that I would just stay home for a few days, suck it up and try not to argue with my parents.But an epic family feud broke out.The incident began when my brother borrowed 70,000 yuan from me for almost 10 years. I never pressed or asked for it before.Then on the fifth day of this year, my brother drank some wine and began to blame me for not getting married because I was in my 30s, which made him and his parents unable to hold up their heads in the countryside and had to endure other people’s criticism.They accused me of turning down blind dates arranged by my family and of being stupid at school.I expected my parents to say something for me. Instead, they joined my brother in accusing me of bringing shame on our family by not marrying.I could not bear it, after the retort, began to take advantage of the quarrel strength, with my brother for money.Did not expect the elder brother said: “You have evidence, do not return your money how?And whether it’s important that I lend you the money or that you’re not married, I’ll pay you back when you get married.”To tell the truth, what I hated most at that time was not my brother who was a scoundrel, but his parents who stood up for him.The quarrel went on for two hours, and I argued with them in pairs for two hours.It ends with the drunk brother tipping the table over.Home, it seems, has not been my harbor.Life is like a tragedy with a smile in tears.Fortunately, today’s seventh day, finally can leave home to start work.