The primary school teacher used a hard pen to write the taste of calligraphy, into the spirit of flying sutra

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In the impression of a generation after 80, the teacher is a sacred word, no matter what stage of the teacher, not only knowledge, but also everyone can write skill exquisite writing, perhaps many calligraphy enlightenment from the teacher, it’s not, there is such a primary school teacher, not only the neat handwriting, but also to write the calligraphy taste,Use hard to write the simple sense of the writing brush, is really make people excited, and envy, this writing level is far better than the calligrapher, every word, is very lively, whole observation, will also lower case classic “spirit to fly”, is blended in among them, wrote a new atmosphere, the teacher is called a bullish Liang Lin, let us together to enjoy it.For today, the teacher is not only knowledge, but the most important thing is that appeal, appeal, and set a good example of normal sex, many children in the teacher’s), by the enlightenment, especially writing, most children go to school during the contact is teacher, if the teacher can write good words, it would definitely be sought after by students,Is the “male god” or “goddess” in the mind of students, I am afraid that the teacher should belong to such a teacher, his hand hard pen calligraphy, is definitely a “clean stream” in the world of calligraphy, so that calligraphers feel ashamed.Seen in his “diamond sutra” hard-pen calligraphy works, to lower case fully grafting on the pen calligraphy pen, a blend of “king” of “the yellow court classic” yan beauty, as well as the spirit fly through clever, write a new state, on the pen, don’t have the experience, to personal opinion is blended in among them, both on the basis of fully embodies the commonness, prominent personality,Is really took great pains, don’t have a taste, he’s understanding of calligraphy is also very in place, stipple arranged to see kung fu, on the relationship between each other is very harmonious, is able to look each other, and to be able to depend on each other, forming a harmonious win-win situation, and on the glyph is also done because of the word informs, let every word can fully display the beauty of posture.See such handwriting, a lot of teachers feel ashamed, even calligraphers are envious, for a time, also become the focus of parents circulation, really should be that word, master in the folk, big faint in the city, for the primary school teacher’s calligraphy, talk about your views and ideas.