Shanghai refers to four even Yang, rise 2 days to change disk?Understand the real cause of this round of decline, can not get lost

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Thursday’s market showed a severe polarization trend, the Shanghai index is still stable, but the growth enterprise market once plunged more than 3%.What’s the reason?How should unscramble and grasp the rhythm of this kind of market?Gem’s slump is mainly the largest weight shares “trillion ning Wang” drag, Ning De times once fell more than 8%.If you look at the market, it’s easy to see that the growth enterprise Market is almost in sync with the ningde era, which single-handedly manipulated the growth enterprise market index.It can be said that it is better to fall than to rise.The intraday plunge was due to Ningde;End of the rebound, but also because of Ning De.Ningde has become an institutional manipulation of gem index “accomplices”!The drop in Ningde times was mainly triggered by rumors that yesterday the US Commerce Department added 33 Chinese entities to its unverified list, including Guangzhou Hymstar Laser Technology, a subsidiary of Hymstar, a supplier of Ningde Times.The market is worried that Ningde times will be affected.Ningde has fallen nearly 15 percent since the Spring Festival, wiping out more than 200 billion yuan in market value.Data show that ningde has 134,200 shareholder households, which is equivalent to an average loss of over 1.5 million yuan.More than 1,680 funds hold a total of 261 million shares in Ningde Times, wiping out more than 26 billion yuan in market value.But in fact, institutional pain may be higher than retail investors, because most retail investors will not buy high-priced Ningde shares.So ning De hit gem how to interpret it?Later how to interpret and grasp the rhythm of the market?In fact, the adjustment does not rule out manipulation, but it is normal.The bottom is an interval, not a point.I call it the bottom of the wandering period, with our expectations are similar, should not be afraid, but can use to hit the layout.In fact, excluding some big tickets, we have always said that the market value of 20 billion below the small ticket opportunities or many, small and beautiful tickets easily beat the index.In terms of environmental protection, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the National Health Commission issued the “Guidance on Accelerating the Construction of Urban Environmental Infrastructure”, which clearly carried out third-party governance of environmental pollution.Early environmental protection rushed, because the market mood is not good, did not last, there are opportunities later.In agriculture and rural areas, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Ecological Farms, proposing that by 2025, 1,000 state-level ecological farms will be built nationwide, 10,000 local ecological farms will be built in all provinces, and a number of modern and efficient ecological agricultural market players will be cultivated.In terms of clean energy, all provinces are taking action. Zhejiang Provincial government announced the implementation Plan of “4+1” Major Projects in Zhejiang Province in 2022 “, and proposed the implementation of clean energy special plan in 2022 in Zhejiang Province, completing energy investment of 100 billion yuan.In terms of digital economy, it is also the linkage between provinces. The “14th Five-year Plan for the Development of Digital Industry in Chongqing (2021-2025)” has just been released, and it is expected that the business income of digital industry in Chongqing will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan by 2025.In terms of new infrastructure construction, a number of provinces held groundbreaking ceremonies for new infrastructure projects. Shaanxi province started construction of key projects in 963 provinces and cities, with a total investment of over 447 billion yuan.In Chongqing, 238 major projects were launched with a total investment of 243.7 billion yuan.In the first quarter of 2022, 230 major projects in Fujian province will be launched with a total investment of 239.8 billion yuan.It is reported that shandong, Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other eight provinces and cities, a total of 6501 projects, a total investment of more than 15.6 trillion.China Securities Journal clearly pointed out that since 2022, infrastructure investment has become A “trump card” of the A-share market.New and old infrastructure will be developed alternately, with 5G and digital economy-related areas being the main directions of new infrastructure layout, while transportation, water conservancy and energy bases are the traditional areas.For example, Beijing plans to add 6,000 5G base stations by 2022.Henan plans to add 40,000 5G base stations by 2022.Infrastructure will be the super track of 2022.So much good accumulated, quantitative change will eventually form qualitative change, there is no reason to be too pessimistic about A shares.Most important of all, the truth about the sell-off since the Chinese New Year is finally clear.Summary for 3 words: “adjust month line”!What does that mean?We take a look at the Shanghai Index and gem monthly chart will understand.As can be seen from the chart, no matter Shanghai Stock Index or GEM, the general trend has not changed.Just the monthly line of MACD red column even red for more than 30 months, indicators in the “overbought” state!To be on this basis, and then continue to go “air refueling” seems not so steady, the best is to rest, rest.First hit the green, hit the support position, and then turn the red, complete the washing dish action.Why is this drop so sharp, so sharp?Want to be in namely inside the shortest time, complete the purpose that cleans chip quickly, this calls “change time with space”!First, don’t worry about systemic risk. There is no bear market.Second, do not hope to rise, there may be repeated, but also need to shock bottom;Third, the shock does not mean that there is no opportunity, you can light the index, heavy individual stocks, pay attention to the “small and beautiful” opportunities, especially new infrastructure, digital economy and other policy dividend plate.