Pavilion: Online teaching can be carried out in an orderly way to ensure students’ learning

2022-07-09 0 By

On April 5, the education bureau of Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County issued a notice to suspend the return of schools and off-campus training institutions.In this regard, the county’s primary and secondary schools seriously organized online teaching work, to ensure that students do not stop school, leave the school to teach.In the morning of April 6th, reporters from Rong Media Center saw in Baoting Middle School that teachers in each class were carrying out online teaching through the network platform.Ye Cuilian, a Chinese teacher in grade 3, came to school early to study the curriculum and make full preparations in advance in order to improve the online learning efficiency of her students., she said, let them to practice your homework first, after finish, must take photos feedback to us, in view of the problems of students in the job for lectures, in the process of lesson, teaching will be more emotional than offline, because this way can attract the attention of students, let them not daydreaming.Subsequently, the reporter came to baoting middle school seven grade two class students Ceng Yujun home, although it is online teaching, but Ceng Yujun did not slack off, each class before he will enter the classroom in advance, conscientious listening, timely record notes.”I think it’s a good way for teachers to impart knowledge to us and keep us on course even though we can’t go to school during the pandemic.”Baoting middle school seven grade two class students Ceng Yujun said.BaoTing middle school vice principal Zhang Guoli introduction, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, ready to classes not suspended some of these plans, the entire school teachers and students online teaching, also have been carried out before the affected by the epidemic because it is over, we started the online teaching the work, set up a whole school teachers and students of a large group, are created automatically in the background you have how many students in class in class,We will be able to statistics the situation of teachers and students in class every day, will be able to comprehensively grasp the learning situation of students.The life teachers are in normal management and go to bed on time. The canteen will open meals for them in the morning, middle and evening. During online classes, some of our students go to class to teach with the teachers at the same time, and some of them listen to the teachers with their mobile phones in the dormitory.For the 15 students who are staying in school due to the epidemic, Baoting Middle School has provided them with a warm learning environment and considerate living services to ensure the normal study and life of the students.It is understood that due to the impact of the epidemic, schools at all levels in our county postponed the return to school from April 6 to 8. In this way, primary and secondary school teachers in the county made full use of online platforms to broadcast courses online to minimize the impact of the epidemic on education and teaching.(Poting Rong Media Centre)