Hot and dry noodles!Stay together in Shanghai

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A medical team from all over the country with a warm heart of strength rushed to defend the “Shanghai” people, come!On April 3, the first batch of 1000 medical team and 200 nucleic acid testing team from Hubei province gathered in Wuhan. Led by hubei Provincial Health Commission, the team took two special trains from Wuhan Station to Shanghai to support 693 people in the first special train at 8am and 544 people in the second special train at 3pm. Among the medical team in Shanghai,Tongji hospital affiliated to tongji medical college huazhong university of science and technology, xiehe hospital affiliated to tongji medical college huazhong university of science and technology, zhongnan hospital of wuhan university, hubei province people’s hospital, the third people’s hospital in hubei province, hubei cancer hospital, maternal and child care, Chinese medicine hospital in hubei province, hubei province, hubei province combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital, hospital of pear, wu3 da4 department of stomatological hospital, etc. 15 provincial medical machineWuhan Central Hospital, Wuhan First Hospital, Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Wuhan Children’s Hospital and other 35 medical institutions in Wuhan.The nucleic acid testing team is composed of medical institutions in Xiangyang, Jingzhou, Shiyan, Xianning, Enshi, Huangshi and other regions.The attached:The first batch of more than 1000 people rushing medical unit provincial medical institutions have huazhong university of science and technology department of tongji hospital affiliated to tongji medical college, huazhong university of science and technology, xiehe hospital affiliated to tongji medical college, hubei province people’s hospital, zhongnan hospital of wuhan university, hubei province, the third people’s hospital tumor hospital, maternal and child care, Chinese medicine hospital in hubei province, hubei province, hubei province, hubei province, combine traditional Chinese and western medicine cureHospital, Liyuan Hospital, Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital, Hubei 672 Orthopedic Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Hubei Rongjun Hospital, Sub-cardiac General Hospital, sub-cardiac Hospital and other 15;Wuhan medical institutions have central hospital in wuhan city, the first hospital in wuhan city, gold and silver lake in wuhan city hospital, children’s hospital in wuhan city, wuhan general hospital, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine hospital in wuhan city, wuhan third hospital pulmonary hospital, the fourth hospital in wuhan city, wuhan city, wuhan city jingwei center hospital 6, 5 hospital in wuhan city, wuhan, wuhan hospital 7, 8 hospitals in wuhan city,God bless 9 hospitals in wuhan city, this hospital in wuhan city, wuhan hospital, hospital of wuhan wuchang, hankou, hospital of wuhan east lake, wuhan city, wuhan hanyang to hospitals, Wu Dong hospital in wuhan city, the people’s hospital, a medical jiangxia district, huangpi district people’s hospital, lake district people’s hospital, xinzhou district people’s hospital, caidian district people’s hospital, wuhan general hospital, wuhanHospital, Changhang General Hospital, Yangtze River Committee Changjiang Hospital, Puren Hospital, Zijing Hospital, Kangtai Tongji Hospital (Wuhan), etc.On the afternoon of 2nd, the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University (Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital) received an urgent notice from the superior and set up an elite medical team to support Shanghai.Within three hours, a 51-member medical team, including doctors, nurses and hospital-related experts, assembled quickly. Relevant departments prepared all kinds of supplies overnight and were ready to set out at any time.The temporary Party branch of the Shanghai Medical Aid team of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University was established on March 3.Shen Bo, interim Secretary of the Party branch and leader of the medical team, said that the people of Wuhan have shown gratitude and showed full support for wuhan’s fight against the epidemic two years ago. This trip is a journey of gratitude as well as a journey of battle, and he will work with all of you to fight the epidemic scientifically, complete the mission successfully and return safely and triumphantly.Liu Yan, deputy secretary of the temporary Party branch and head of the nursing group, said that before departure, the medical team members received training on protective operation, and the relevant personnel gave a detailed introduction to the matters needing attention of the hospital, the key points of protection standards, and the quality and safety of medical care. All the medical team members are confident to complete the task of assisting Shanghai efficiently, successfully and safely.A 53-member medical team from Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology left for Shanghai at 5:15 am Monday.Signing Shanghai tongji hospital medical team leader, xiang-jun bai, vice President of the hospital in hubei daily full media reporter telephone connection is introduced, tongji hospital 2 emergency receiving a medical team to support Shanghai square hospital, medical staff have voluntarily sign up, well-documented, 53 people rapidly-changing to form a complete team, everybody to prepare medical protective gear, the overnight start loading on standby.Considering that the COVID-19 patients in makeshift hospitals are mainly mild patients with a large amount of nursing, the medical team of Tongji Hospital in Shanghai is composed of 8 doctors, 41 nurses and 4 management staff, and the medical staff are mainly internal medicine.”In order to get into the working state as soon as possible, we reviewed the drill on the train, repeatedly watched the video of putting on and taking off protective clothing, and the hospital specialists gave intensive training again, emphasizing that masks are the lifeline and hand hygiene is the key.The mission is glorious and arduous. We will never forget the selfless and loving help of the Shanghai people and the medical team in Hubei during the battle to defend Wuhan two years ago. This time, with a grateful heart, we were ordered to rush to Help Shanghai and will do our best to repay our kindness.”Bai Xiangjun said.After receiving the mission to participate in the medical support work in Shanghai, the Party Committee of Wuhan No. 3 Hospital immediately dispatched a group of experienced medical staff from the departments of respiratory and critical care medicine, surgical anesthesiology, nephrology and intensive care medicine to participate in the support work.Among them, 5 are doctors, 25 are nurses and 1 is hospitalized.Ding Min, leader of the respiratory and critical care medicine department of Wuhan No. 3 Hospital, said, “During the outbreak in Wuhan, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital supported us and gave us great help.Now there is an epidemic in Shanghai, and the people of Wuhan are working with them to tide over the difficulties.”Ning Min, head nurse of the hemodialysis room in Shouyi District of the hospital, told her parents that she was going to study abroad for a month in order not to worry her parents.As of press time, all the medical teams from Hubei have arrived in Shanghai safely. After a short rest, they will be sent to Shanghai for nucleic acid testing and medical treatment in makeshift hospitals.Once in hubei the most difficult time Shanghai to lend a helping hand now “hot dry noodles” to support “sheng Jian bao” come on Shanghai!Go China!Five asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Hubei province, according to the ministry of Health