Dongguan in the coming days rain rain, temperature “jumping up and down”

2022-07-09 0 By

At 9 o ‘clock today, guangdong brand “matcha green” temperature map is still online, a clear and cool.Please cherish the calm at the moment, because the rain belt is climbing ashore.Due to the influence of the upper trough and warm humid air current, there will be heavy rain or heavy rain in western Guangdong, Pearl River Delta, Shaoguan and Qingyuan, and moderate to heavy rain in other cities and counties.In the next few days, Dongguan will open the precipitation mode, with light rain, moderate rain and rainstorm switching randomly.Cold air also to join in the fun, Dongguan temperature rises after falling.It is expected that there will be moderate to heavy rain and partial rainstorm in Dongguan from 29th to 30th, accompanied by thunderstorms. The maximum rain intensity will be 20 to 30mm. The main period of heavy rain will be from the night of 29th to the morning of 30th, and the precipitation will weaken around noon of 30th, with light rain.31 – April 1 due to the cold air, cloudy to cloudy to moderate rain, temperature drops;April 2nd cloudy day, light rain, cool weather;Outlook April 3-6 mainly cloudy.Recently, dongguan has frequent precipitation, please pay attention to prevent heavy precipitation, short wind, local lightning strike and secondary disasters caused by it;Temperature fluctuation, please pay attention to timely add or remove clothes;Please pay attention to traffic safety when the road is wet and visibility is low.Feng Wenmei source Guangdong weather, Dongguan weather Feng Wenmei Southern Press media Group South + client source: South + – create more value