Coconut import customs clearance procedures for those things!”Customs Clearance Guide”

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Coconut fruit (Nata), also known as coconut gel, belongs to the fermentation product of microorganism, and is the metabolite formed by acetobacterxylinium (woody acetic acid bacteria) growing in liquid medium.Coconut water can be used in the medium but is no longer used in industrial production due to cost factors.After separation and purification, the polysaccharide can be processed and become the main ingredient of commercial coconut fruit.I believe that many people do not know about coconut import declaration procedures and procedures, next, Kaisen import supply chain xiaobian for you to introduce those things about coconut import declaration!Packing list, invoice, contract 3. Import and export management right 4. Packing list, bill of lading, contract, invoice 5. Food circulation License 2.Foreign investors sign import contracts and determine contract terms;2. Sign an agency agreement on coconut fruit import;4. For shipment by foreign investors, prepare the contract, packing list, certificate of origin, health certificate and other materials required for import inspection and customs declaration in advance;5. Change orders upon arrival, pre-record customs declaration and declare commodity inspection;6. Customs declaration, customs tax release, tax release;7. After release, commodity Inspection Bureau will conduct sampling inspection and issue health certificate.1. How long does it take to import coconut and how long does it take for each link?2. Can I import coconuts without import and export rights?3. Can special tickets be issued for each link of imported coconut fruit?4, how to calculate the cost of imported coconut fruit, which fees will not be charged for the second time?5. How to take delivery of imported coconut fruit after arrival at the port?6. What are the commonly used ways of importing coconut fruit?7, whether to enjoy preferential tariff related beer import customs declaration agency procedures and process introduction guide rapeseed oil import customs clearance formalities of customs declaration agency and interpretation process knowledge “clearance” manuka flower honey import customs declaration agency procedures and process introduction “customs clearance knowledge” banana slices import customs clearance formalities process those things!”Customs clearance guide” food raw materials import customs clearance procedures flow those things!”Customs Clearance Guide”