04 April 2022 Analysis of the recent weather situation

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Heilongjiang Meteorological Observatory released the weather forecast from the afternoon of April 4 to the day of April 7 at 11:00 on April 4, 2022: The afternoon of April 4: sunny and sometimes cloudy in the whole province.Night of 4th to day of 5th: north of Heihe, north of Yichun cloudy with sleet to light to medium snow, in which north of Yichun local medium to heavy snow, great Xing ‘an Mountains cloudy, other areas cloudy with showers to sleet.From the night of 5th to the day of 6th: north of Heihe, north of Yichun, central Jiamusi, west of Shuangyashan, east of Harbin, Qitaihe, Jixi, Mudanjiang cloudy with snow or sleet, other areas sunny sometimes cloudy.6 night to 7 day: southeastern Harbin, southern Mudanjiang cloudy with scattered sleet, other areas sunny sometimes cloudy.4 night minimum temperature: -14 ~ -12℃ in the north of the Great Hinggan Mountains, -2 ~ 0℃ in the south of the Great Hinggan Mountains, Heihe, Yichun north, Hegang, Qiqihar north, 7 ~ 9℃ in the west of Jiamusi, Shuangyashan, Qitaihe, Jixi, Mudanjiang, 1 ~ 3℃ in other areas.The highest daytime temperature on 5 days: 0 ~ 2℃ in the Great Hinggan Mountains, Heihe, north yichun, 6 ~ 8℃ in the south Of Yichun, Qiqihar, Daqing, Suihua, Harbin, 10 ~ 12℃ in Hegang, 12 ~ 14℃ in other areas.In addition, from April 4 to 6, most areas of the province will have winds of Force 4-6, gusts of force 7-8, some areas can reach Force 9, the fire risk meteorological level is high, please pay attention to fire safety;During the night of May 4 and during the day of May 5, roads in the areas affected by rain and snow may be icy and slippery, please take precautions.