Do you have any plan to change your job when you meet a golden opportunity?

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There has always been a saying of “gold, silver and four” in the workplace. The two months of job-hopping have the highest salary increase in a year. The year-end bonus has been distributed and various salary adjustments have been confirmed.Although the Chinese New Year is really happy to eat, drink and play, sleep until nature wakes up every day, but for the workplace, the year after this season is particularly important, not careless.Most workers are hoping that changing jobs, achieve a promotion and pay increase, to seek better opportunities, years later, is to move, is also a lot of people in the workplace to the next level of a good time, even if not to move, but see a colleague or friend to seek other opportunities, the in the mind would also be affected.If you often change your job, the enterprise will think your working status is unstable, but if you do not change your job all the time, in fact, it is also very dangerous!Colleagues around are getting younger and younger, if you are still in the basic post, it is hard to avoid some embarrassment in the heart!So about career development and whether to change jobs after the year or should think about the layout in advance!Getting a good job is always a matter of strength, not luck.According to the report, most people aged between 21 and 30 want to change jobs after the Spring Festival.75% of employees have job-hopping experience, and 48% plan to change jobs after the Spring Festival. The average expected salary for employees to change jobs in 2021 is 15,569 yuan. Salary can be regarded as a standard to measure our working ability, but it is suggested that young people under 30 should not worry too much about their current salary when job-hopping.Instead, focus on your long-term career goals.In addition to considering your long-term career plan, choosing a challenging position will help your career growth.If you often move parallel, in fact, is very bad for the career growth, when you choose a new job, be sure to more challenges than the original, such as the content you have not been exposed to before, so that you will learn more and more things, ability and salary to go up.Job-hopping index after the Spring Festival, according to reports, the highest TOP3 career: it the Internet industry, financial, and administrative/design among them, the it industry is still in employment choose top professionals engaged in the profession after the Spring Festival of the talent is 3% higher than before, visible its high-speed growth and income constantly attract professionals to enter.Take Java engineers as an example, the phenomenon of high salary recruitment is increasingly obvious especially in the first and second tier cities. After the New Year, Java programmers are probably the busiest in addition to headhunters, and their salary and welfare benefits are all rising.For accountants, the number of job-hopping after the New Year is not on the list, but there is a certain proportion!If you want to be promoted somewhat on the profession, you can say that every promotion level, the certificate of the requirement is more than one, take an examination of primary level and intermediate level, take an examination of intermediate level may even CPA, ACCA, for the accountant of specific field, CFA, FRM is also essential!Certificate of how many, and life is short, if there is going to move this year financial personnel, tiger advice might as well take an examination of the CPA, precipitate oneself first for more than 30 + accounting people, with a junior accountant certificate to work already won’t have any advantage, if could get down more gold certificates, move on in the mind will be more confident!And the certificate is also a process to promote learning by taking exams. When you change jobs and move into better positions, you will not only get a raise in salary, but also become a better version of yourself.Once a senior HR told me: If it is the school enrollment or just graduated 1-2 years, then the degree is indeed the first threshold, the degree does not meet the requirements will pass directly;However, for those with more than five to ten years of employment, HR will pay more attention to the match between the applicant and the position than to the degree and qualification certificate.For example, your basic skills, system design, industry experience, what projects have done, education is the stepping stone, and whether you can knock open the door, in fact, or depends on comprehensive ability!After all, they hire you to solve problems and be productive!Tomorrow is about to start, I believe that many people who see this article will have some anxiety in their hearts, but do not be afraid of these emotions every workplace person will exist, in the face of the New Year as soon as possible to adjust a good attitude, clear this year’s goals!A year’s plan begins in spring, the career road is long, there are many wonderful waiting for us to discover!Whether you decide to stay with your current company or seek a better opportunity for growth, it’s always wise to improve yourself and keep learning!As the saying goes, good blacksmithing also needs its own hard!You can fight, you’re not afraid to go anywhere!Enjoy the last day of the holiday and adjust your condition. 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