CAI Bin took office in a comprehensive change!Three fire ran two people, Zhang Changning by the affirmation, the exclusion association thoroughly delegated power

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On February 3, Beijing time, CAI Bin was appointed coach of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team by the Chinese Volleyball Association, leading the team to complete the reconstruction and revival work.So for this result, many fans also hold different views, some are for it, some are against it.Objective evaluation of CAI Bin as the head coach of women’s volleyball team, he is indeed the most suitable candidate among all coaches in China.As Lang Ping, Lai Yawen and Chen Zhonghe are all members of the selection team, they will not become women’s volleyball coaches.During the recruitment period, Jiajie an officially served as the head coach of Shandong Women’s Volleyball Team. His personal energy could not support him to coach two teams at the same time.As for Wang Baoquan, both he and CAI Bin have excellent coaching abilities, but Wang Baoquan is old and does not meet the long-term development goals of Chinese women’s volleyball Team.Finally, some young coaches favored by fans, such as Shen Qiong, Wei Qiuyue and so on.Although they won numerous honors as players, their international coaching experience is still blank. The Chinese Volleyball Association would not be foolish enough to use the national team as a teaching material for their growth.So combined with all the conditions to select, only CAI Bin is the most in line with the standard.After taking office, CAI Bin will definitely make adjustments to the current lineup of Chinese women’s Volleyball team. On the one hand, veteran players will gradually leave the national team, and on the other hand, players who are not in good condition will quit the national team, among which Zhu Ting and Wang Mengjie will be the first players to leave the team.It is well known that Zhu Ting did not help the national team well in The Tokyo Olympics because of her wrist injury.At present, Zhu Ting wrist surgery is still no progress, when she can fully recover is far away.Therefore, Zhu Ting will be absent from the national team for a long time, and whether she can return in the future depends on her condition.As for Wang Mengjie, the performance of Chinese women’s volleyball team in recent years is not ideal.The most important point is wang Mengjie’s age, it is difficult to support her in the future reuse, so Wang Mengjie will be eliminated by the national team.Can successfully replace Wang Mengjie as a free position of the players, there is no doubt is ni Feifan.Ni Feifan’s potential need not say more, their own really also have some shortcomings, but CAI Bin must grasp her use manual, so for Ni Feifan’s future performance, fans need not worry too much.Zhang Changning, another Jiangsu player, will also be CAI Bin’s right-hand man when she recovers from injury.Fellow fans, what do you think about this?Feel free to discuss it in the comments section!