Who is the manager of the season?Five are qualified to run for Monti or be elected but one is better

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Hello, I’m 183 masked man.As the NBA season draws to a close today, let’s talk about the competition for coach of the Year.Seriously, a lot of coaches deserve praise from fans and the media this year.Here are my top 5:1. Jenkins of Memphis 2. Monty of Phoenix 3.Uduka, Celtics 4. Spoelstra, Heat 5. Kidd, MavericksI’m going to go back to Jason kidd, who has a reputation as an ASSISTANT champion, and he’s having a good season, although the first half of the season has been a bit of a hiccup, but it’s actually more about doncic.Kidd previously served as the head coach of the Nets and Bucks and later as an assistant with the Lakers.In previous experience, I think he learned an important lesson, that is to be sure to take care of the star of the team, some might say it is not a skill, but on the contrary, it is a very important quality.And then spo, this one needs no introduction, I’m sure you’re all familiar with it.Butler has been largely absent this season, but Spo is a big part of the heat’s success in the ultra-competitive Eastern Conference.Udoka, the green team underwent a squad reshuffle last summer and had another mid-season makeover. We all know that the previous coach was young talent Steven Stevens.Under such personnel changes and pressure, Udoka has been sticking to his own way, the first half of the main coaching defense, after the defense caught, and then the attack, in a voice of doubt, Udoka stuck to his idea, did not wavered, so the green army and Udoka in the second half of the season to harvest.Monty Williams is the coach of the season for the Phoenix SUNS. He has won more than 10 games in a row this season and has the best regular-season record in team history. I expect monty will win the coach of the season award if it’s not unexpected because the SUNS are so good.However, in my mind, the best coach this season is Jenkins of the Grizzlies.The fact that Jenkins was able to finish second in the league with a handful of young players, and that the team’s record was even better without its star, Morante, proves that Jenkins is no ordinary guy.Really, it’s not hard to take a bunch of young guys and play great offense. It’s hard to take them and play great defense.Considering how cohesive the grizzlies have been all season, I really think Jenkins deserves the coach of the Year award more than Monty.