Remember the instructions of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to do all you can to write an excellent report on preparations for the Winter Olympics

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On the day of The start of Spring, the Beijing Winter Olympics, which attracted worldwide attention, opened a magnificent prelude.Snowflakes dancing, the torch rising, a new “ice and snow picture scroll” slowly unfolded.It is A solemn commitment China has made to the international community to ensure the success of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Since 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping has paid five on-site visits to the preparations for the Winter Olympics.In early 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping made his fourth on-site inspection of preparations for the Winter Olympic Games.Against the backdrop of regular epidemic prevention and control, the requirements of “simple, safe and wonderful” have been given priority, and the focus of the preparations has been to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and organize the event well.General Secretary Xi Jinping has once again set his sights on the Beijing Winter Olympics during his first inspection tour of 2022.During his inspection of the preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that after years of hard work, all preparatory work has been basically completed. We have every confidence and ability to deliver an excellent, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic Games to the world.Bearing in mind “the greatness of the country” and bearing in mind general Secretary Xi Jinping’s sincere advice, the builders, managers and staff of the Preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games have made every effort to make the Games “simple, safe and wonderful”.Keep in mind the green ecological entrust Venue planning can be incorporated into the landscape on January 18, 2021, xi jinping, general secretary of the investigation research emphasized the national center for alpine skiing, to highlight green the concept, the development of undertakings of physical culture and sports and promote the construction of ecological civilization, make sports facilities with the natural landscape harmonious compatibility, to ensure that people can enjoy the endless charm of ice and snow sports,And you can see the beauty of nature.Unlike the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where all the venues were concentrated in the city, the snow venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics are mostly located in mountains and rivers.”The biggest challenge we designers face is how to minimize the disturbance caused by artificial construction to the natural environment while meeting the requirements of an exciting Olympic Games.”Said Li Xinggang, chief planner and chief designer of Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing Competition Area.On xiaohaituo Mountain in Yanqing, more than 2,000 meters above sea level, Li Xinggang trudged, stopped and looked at the landscape, spreading out his sketchbook to draw pictures.After numerous field visits and sketches, the traditional Chinese architectural aesthetics met the sustainable concept of the modern Winter Olympics in Yanqing. A landscape painting that perfectly embodies the concept of Chinese culture and blends in the natural mountain forest came to Li Xinggang’s eyes.A panoramic view of Yanqing Area of Beijing Winter Olympics.”The design concept of Yanqing Competition Area is condensed into eight words — ‘Mountain forest Venue, ecological Winter Olympics’. It is not a native forest park, nor an artificial nature that has been excessively changed after a large number of venue construction, but a landscape picture of artificial and nature.Li xinggang said.Yanqing conference planning team pay attention to continue and maintain the local unique geological relic resources, history, humanities and ecological environment, yanqing games village, the “village” the layers of slope, platform and half open courtyard group, dialogue around yamagata water potential, forming a harmony with the natural landscape, historic sites of yanqing beautiful village in China.In order to take good care of the clear waters and green mountains, Yanqing Competition Area has also implemented ecological restoration projects, which took six years to complete the ecological restoration of 2.14 million square meters, and all the precious trees have been protected in situ and ex-situ.The National Alpine Skiing Center is located in the southern foothills of Xiaohaitao Mountain in Yanqing District, Beijing. The mountain altitude is high, the terrain is fluctuant, the ski course falls is large, and there is no experience to follow, which has become the “obstacle” in the construction of the project.”The mountain road was rugged and steep, so we returned to the original method of transporting materials on the back of people and horses.The tanker ‘walk’ not to move, we use hook machine relay will be pulled concrete up the mountain;Mountainous terrain is very undulating, we introduce 3d laser scanner and aerial uav survey;Due to the large difference in ski slope height, the snowmaking water is injected into the system through the three-stage pumping station through the underground integrated pipe corridor.”Zhang Jie, project manager of National Alpine Ski Center of Beijing Urban Construction Group, led her team to overcome one difficulty after another.After 1,277 days of construction, the National Alpine Ski Center was successfully completed.Seven snow trails run like white waterfalls from the top of the mountain to the valley. The longest trail is about 3 kilometers long, with a vertical drop of about 900 meters.This is the highest grade alpine skiing course in China, the only one in line with the Olympic Winter Games standard in China, and one of the most difficult alpine skiing courses in the world.On January 18, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping watched a demonstration of venue security work, including the installation of protective nets, ski track inspection and athletes’ rescue, and training for alpine skiing competitions at the finishing area of the National Alpine Skiing Center.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that safety is the bottom line that major sports events must adhere to.Alpine skiing is a “sport for the brave”. It is necessary to strengthen safety guarantee in all aspects, strengthen the construction of management team, rescue force and facility maintenance team, improve risk prevention measures such as epidemic prevention, fire prevention and accident prevention, and strengthen emergency drills to ensure that nothing goes wrong.I hope you can train scientifically, pay attention to safety, take care of your health, improve your level, give full play to your advantage in the “home” competition, and strive to achieve a breakthrough in alpine skiing.Yanqing National Alpine Skiing Center of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”Venue service guarantee is as important as project construction. We keep in mind the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and strive for better operation and maintenance.At work, the team went to every corner to check whether the system was safe to use and whether the details were perfect.We have refined and adjusted the guarantee scheme version after version.”Zhang jie said.Beijing Urban Construction Group has set up a youth commando team for alpine Skiing events of the Winter Olympic Games. They patrol the routes and locations every day and immediately deal with and repair any problems found to ensure the safe operation of the system.”We will always focus on security and ensure the success of the Winter Olympics with quality services and efficient support.”Zhang jie said.Bear in mind the cooperative development entrust transportation interconnection sharing welfare of people’s livelihood The land of Jinggi is blue and clear, the mountain area is covered with snow and white.On December 30, 2019, the Beijing-Zhangjia-Zhang High-speed railway, an important transportation support facility for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, was opened to traffic. Chongli Railway was completed at the same time, facilitating the coordinated development of The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and providing transportation operation service for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.On January 20, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a briefing on the preparations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, stressing efforts to promote the coordinated development of The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and achieve more results in transportation, environment, industry and public services.We will actively plan post-games utilization of venues for the Winter Olympics, combine hosting of major events with serving public fitness, and speed up the development of a Beijing-Zhangjiagou sports and cultural tourism belt.File photo of Taizicheng Station of Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway.Zicheng Station is located in the core area of Zhangjiakou Competition Area. “As the world’s first high-speed railway station directly connecting to the Olympic Venue, we will improve the precision and fine management level according to the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and provide transportation guarantee for the Winter Olympics with the best spirit and first-class service.”Taizicheng station party branch secretary, stationmaster Yang Ning said.Yang conducted field “surveys” along the lines of passengers entering and leaving the station. At the same time, he also measured the time in a small book to provide reference for optimizing the lines of passengers entering and leaving the station quickly and conveniently.In order to create a warm ride environment, Taizicheng Station has also set up a “Dream of Snow” service team to provide passengers with a full range of services such as ticket handling, transportation transfer, ski resort introduction and so on.In addition to the high-level guarantee of the Winter Olympics, the opening of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway also let Zhangjiakou into the one-hour living circle of the capital.Mr. Yan, a Skier in Beijing, said, “It used to take more than three hours to drive by car, but now we can take the high-speed train to chongli and back on the same day, which brings convenience for people from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to travel to Chongli for skiing vacation.”