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Since launching one-stop multiple dispute resolution and litigation services, always adhere to the green area court to explore efficient, convenient and diversified dispute resolving mode, on the morning of March 31st, the hospital and guangxi financial consumer rights and interests protection association through the people’s court mediation platform online linkage, cross-border financial disputes together successfully.Case review in 2017, Huang mou to a bank for credit card, approved by the audit, Huang Mou in the process of using credit card overdraft.The bank sued the Qingxiu District Court in 2022 after failing to demand payment for several times.After review by the court, the case was assigned to guangxi Federation of Protection of Financial Consumption Rights and Interests for pre-litigation mediation.After the mediator contacted Huang, he was informed that he was still in the Philippines and could not return to China due to the epidemic. He applied for remote video mediation and showed the mediator his willingness to actively repay the debt.On the morning of March 31, mediators through the people’s court mediation platform and Huang mou, the bank agent to obtain transnational remote video connection, online mediation.During the mediation process, Huang realized the negative impact of his arrears, and the bank was willing to reduce part of the interest.Under the auspices of the mediator, the two sides finally reached an agreement on the repayment plan and signed the mediation agreement online.The two parties then applied to the Qingxiu District Court for judicial confirmation online.After entering the online mediation room, the case filing court judges of the court reviewed the mediation materials online, confirmed that they were in line with relevant laws and regulations, and completed the online review of judicial confirmation.So far, this financial dispute is finally resolved smoothly.Based on the deployment of epidemic prevention and control work and the people’s demand for quick settlement of disputes, qingxiu District Court strives to resolve disputes efficiently and conveniently before litigation through the mode of “online mediation + judicial confirmation online review”, which minimizes the gathering of people and effectively saves the cost of settlement of disputes for the parties.In the future, Qingxiu District Court will continue to adhere to the working concept of convenience and benefit to the people, and constantly innovate to provide the parties with one-stop online dispute resolution services in all time and space, across regions and throughout the process, and strive to meet the people’s new expectations for diversified dispute resolution and litigation services.