After 40 years old, tooth often get hot, gum is swollen ache, tooth is loose, how to prevent effectively?

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Xiao is a senior salesman in the company, usually in order to talk about business, that is often mixed in the wine table.Time is long give the stomach to drink bad, go to a hospital to check saying is gastric ulcer.Every time his stomach hurts, it makes him sweat profusely.His colleague advised him to go to the hospital early to see this stomach disease, in case of gastric perforation trouble.A colleague in the unit told him that his father also had old stomach disease, which was recuperated in a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, and asked Xiao to go there to have a look.Lao Xiao immediately went, the doctor gave Lao Xiao a pulse, he said he was liver qi stagnation, improper diet, liver and stomach caused by the disharmony of gastric ulcer.For three months the doctor prescribed a decoction to strengthen his spleen, qi, liver and stomach.Go to the hospital again to do gastroscopy review discovery, actually much better.A drink dinner party, and their company has business dealings with Li, listen to the old xiao about stomach to see a lot of Chinese medicine, he took the address of the Chinese medicine.Originally this Li always has a more serious periodontitis, this year more than 50 years old, ten years ago began to often fire toothache, serious when the whole night the whole night can not sleep, eat with no strength…Old xiao a listen to Li always have this problem, that is immediately gave him the address, since periodontitis so affect life quickly.When I saw the doctor, Mr. Li said that he was busy with his work and that he would have a toothache if he worried about it.Toothache a time is to take anti-inflammatory medicine.Especially in the past six months, the teeth are obviously sour and soft, a bite will hurt, a little hard things do not dare to eat.Then Mr. Li opened his mouth again and pointed to his two back teeth and said, “Look at these two teeth, they are loose now.”Went to the hospital to see, the doctor said that this is chronic periodontitis caused by loose teeth, let me usually must pay attention to oral cleaning, said again so go down also can only pull a tooth.After listening to General Li, the doctor nodded and said, your dental disease is really quite severe.So serious periodontitis, the dentist said right, if you don’t pay attention to this tooth, will be pulled out.But you see Chinese medicine, our Chinese medicine care about tooth care and try not to pull teeth, with the right way to treat, may be able to save the teeth.Hearing this, Mr. Li asked the doctor how he could save my tooth.The doctor said that the method of traditional Chinese medicine is very simple, you can try Chinese medicine to brush teeth to control periodontitis, should be able to keep loose teeth.Li always listen to have a little wonder, brush your teeth with Chinese traditional medicine, what principle is this?The doctor explained, periodontitis of traditional Chinese medicine called “tooth xuan”, in the treatment of dental disease, teeth problems, and kidney qi deficiency deficiency related, and gum problems, and our spleen and stomach.After the age of 40, the digestive function of the spleen and stomach declines compared with that of young people.Spleen and stomach with indigestion, a long time will appear empty fire, hot and dry extrusion in the stomach, traditional Chinese medicine gingival is the stomach of the collaterals.Gingival and stomach meridians are connected, stomach fire burns the gingival, there will be swollen and painful inflammation of teeth, if the disease is serious, there will be gingival atrophy.Secondly, as we get older, the symptoms of kidney qi deficiency will become more and more obvious.When you are young, your teeth are strong and firm. No matter how hard the food, your teeth will not cause damage.Can increase the age of kidney qi deficiency, directly affect the firm teeth, teeth will be loose, if more serious, there will be tooth loss.In the treatment of periodontitis in Traditional Chinese medicine, brushing teeth with Traditional Chinese medicine can be said to be a simple and effective method, which belongs to the external application therapy in traditional Chinese medicine.While cleaning the mouth when brushing teeth, it can also clear the stomach of empty fire and make up for kidney qi deficiency.It can be said that killing three birds with one stone solves the problem.Mr. Li smiled and said, “What you say is quite good, but I’ve never heard of it.”The traditional Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years and is widely used, the doctor said.As long as you know a little Chinese medicine, you know this Chinese medicine brushing.As I give you this prescription, is from the Ming Dynasty medical scientist Zhang Jiebin wrote “Jingyue quanshu”.This book records more than 40 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine brushing prescription, such as bad breath, teeth bleeding, loose teeth, gingival swelling and pain these problems, have a better effect.Li zong this is learning, so after going home, he insisted on using more than half a year of time.Found in use, often before the tooth swelling pain almost never again.And once loose those two notches, also feel tight now many.When eating, can also make the strength, even a bit of hard food can easily eat…The reason why I tell this story is to tell you that the root cause of many teeth problems is periodontitis, which is called “tooth xuan” in Traditional Chinese medicine.Brushing your teeth this only addresses the surface of the problem.However, traditional Chinese medicine believes that we should start with the fundamental problem of “eliminating stomach fire and tonifying kidney qi”.Especially if you’re over 40.There are insufficient kidney qi and spleen and stomach, there will be fire toothache, sour and soft teeth, eating teeth, chewing weakness, eating pain and even loose teeth and other troubles.Using Traditional Chinese medicine to brush teeth can be said to be a good way.After the age of 40, maintaining oral health becomes more and more important.Especially when there are dental problems, troubles will follow one after another. If you agree with Chinese medicine, it is suggested to try Chinese medicine to brush your teeth, which may make your troubles disappear.