Then!A rare confrontation at the Security Council!This time the US has succeeded!Objections from China and Russia invalid

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Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have caught the attention of many international observers.Mr Putin has repeatedly said he will not rush into military action, but America has used its clout in the West to rumble that Russia is about to launch military action against countries with territorial disputes, and that such action is likely this month.Biden is trying to get Russia to cave in by calling a Security Council meeting on how to deal with Ukraine.But the meeting ended in acrimony over differences between the United States and Russia.China and Russia joined forces to veto the U.S. proposal, which some members said would only increase tensions between the two countries.Three other countries also abstained.Under U.N. rules, a procedural vote can be passed with the approval of only two-thirds of member states, and China was present at the meeting to discuss Ukraine.At this point China has firmly expressed its support.After all, After Biden took office, he kept suppressing China and Russia. Only by strengthening cooperation between China and Russia can they promote win-win cooperation. However, China always pursues the policy of non-alignment, and this new friendship between China and Russia is not an action against other countries.After a war of words between the United States and Russia, the American diplomat gave his opinion that Ukraine is under pressure from neighboring countries.He has also made false claims that Russia’s border actions pose a threat to Europe and are having a negative impact on the establishment of international order.Russian diplomats retort that western countries have been unable to provide evidence that their 100,000 troops pose a threat to Ukraine.More ironically, Ukrainians also claim that America’s portrayal of their country as in danger does not exist.Russia criticized the United States for duplicity.They call on Russia to promote world peace but keep stirring up international disputes.In fact, this is the way to strengthen their influence in Europe.Because of the current turmoil, many investors are leaving Europe for the United States.Many birds with one stone.Zhang Jun, China’s ambassador to the UN, said peace talks were the best way to resolve the crisis.NATO cannot continue to suppress Russia, their actions will only further promote friendly relations between China and Russia, which will contribute to the process of global multi-polarization.Mr Biden must abandon the cold War mentality.