The post-90s young couple’s chat records were exposed, and the full-time treasure mother cried when she saw them: the content was too real

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As we all know, getting married and having children is a major event in life, and both men and women need to work together to form a happy family with their significant other.But in real life, we often hear precious mothers complaining about “widowed parenting” due to the different roles of men and women.Some people even say that women are the victims of marriage, tied to housework and children all the time, while men live freely, just like before and after marriage.Not long ago, a post-90s baby mother posted a chat with her husband on the Internet.After giving birth to a baby, her husband went back to work while she temporarily left work to take care of her baby at home.Bao’s mother sent a message to her husband who was about to get off work at night: the baby is very noisy. If you come back early from work, I can’t even order take-out.Bao dad’s reply is also very warm: you eat something to cope with, I will buy you delicious.Soon after, bao Ma was a little anxious about the baby, and sent a message to her husband, hoping that he could bring her a meal when he came back, but the husband replied that it was a colleague’s birthday, usually a few people had a good time, he went back after dinner.Bao Ma seems to have been used to her husband’s flip-flops, and did not say anything more.When no one came home at 10:30 p.m., Bao Ma got angry and sent a message to ask for information.At this moment, the husband, who promised to come home after dinner, went to the KTV to sing again. Seeing his wife’s message, he simply replied: I’ll be back soon.Treasure mother at this time unbearable geology ask: immediately is how long?Half an hour or an hour?Many netizens see here are said to be too strong, when their children were on the verge of collapse, all they want to let her husband rushed home to help, but the other promised “immediately” will be delayed indefinitely.At this time, bao Ma told her husband again that she had not eaten, and the child was very energetic, and had no intention of going to bed.The husband replied with just one emoji: “WIFE, I love you.””If you love me, I’ll come back and hold my baby.”At 11:30 p.m., her husband still didn’t come back. Bao ma sent a voice message to inquire about the situation, but a female colleague answered the phone.Only then did bao’s mother know that her husband had drunk too much at the KTV, and the female colleague asked her to pick him up. She was angry and helpless, and said, “The man got drunk with you, so you are responsible for bringing him back.”This conversation made many netizens call it true, marriage and children give women too many obstacles, if you meet a reliable husband, you can taste happiness in the hard work, but if the other half is irresponsible, you will leave bao Ma a messy life.”It’s so sad how many couples live like this after giving birth!””Just like my husband, saying the nicest things and doing the worst things.””I was so overwhelmed by the words’ I’ll be back soon ‘that I couldn’t even get over it. Widowhood parenting is the worst torture for a stay-at-home mom.”In real life, due to the different division of labor between men and women, many Families in China have a male breadwinner and female breadwinner, that is, the male breadwinner and the female breadwinner is responsible for the children and housework.There is nothing wrong with this mode of division of labor, but in the process of raising children, parents should participate in the work together, and share the difficulty of life and the joy of children. Bao Dad should not leave everything about children to his wife for granted.In widowed parenting families, the lack of paternal love makes the children insecure, and the husband’s negligence makes the wife dissatisfied and complaining, which lowers the family happiness index. The most innocent children are the recipients of these negative feelings.After giving birth, have you experienced widowhood parenting?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!(The pictures in this article come from the Internet, if there is infringement, please contact delete, thank you) Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to the pocket mom love nagging