Russian experts interpret the China-Russia summit: Back-to-back strategic coordination, shoulder to shoulder to safeguard international fairness and justice

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Moscow, Feb. 5 (China News Service) — Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 4 during his visit to China to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.In a warm and friendly atmosphere, the two heads of state had an in-depth and thorough exchange of views on China-Russia relations and a series of major issues concerning international strategic security and stability.China and Russia issued a joint statement on international relations and global sustainable development in the New Era, focusing on the common positions of China and Russia on democracy, development, security and order.Relevant departments of the two countries also signed a series of cooperation documents in key areas.Many Russian experts said that the two heads of state have drawn up a blueprint and guided the china-Russia relations under the new historical conditions. It is a strategic choice of far-reaching influence for both countries and the world that China and Russia deepen back-to-back strategic coordination and uphold international fairness and justice side by side.Yvyacheslav Maslov, dean of the School of Oriental and African Studies at Moscow State University, says that what was once thought of as a “tactical plan” has now become a “strategic plan”.He believes that friendly relations between Russia and China will continue even if western attitudes towards Russia change.The expert pointed out that not only trade partnerships, but also political partnerships are key to development and stability.In addition, in the post-pandemic era, new trade and political Bridges are very important for Russia and China.China needs Russia in this regard as much as Russia needs China.”The most important thing in my view is that this partnership will develop for at least another 10 to 15 years, and then of course it will reach a more stable phase.”Maslov noted that bilateral trade between Russia and China has indeed continued to grow, rising 35.8 percent to a record $146.88 billion in 2021.However, the development of bilateral relations is not measured by the volume of trade alone. As long as there are common challenges, the two countries will provide strategic support to each other.The common challenge facing Russia and China is not only the containment policies of certain countries, but also the growing prevalence of conflict in almost all areas of world politics.Kolovin, director of the Russian Center for Geopolitical Identification, believes that Unlike the West, China is always willing to conduct cooperation under conditions of mutual benefit and win-win results.”China has always carried out cooperation in a win-win way, that is, mutually beneficial and win-win: always taking into account the interests of the other side, taking into account the interests of the other side while realizing its own interests, not at the expense of the interests of its partners.This is different from the western way of doing things, which is to solve all its problems at the expense of its rivals.The West has no partners, only adversaries.”He said China had never “wiped out” its partners and competitors by challenging them or imposing sanctions.’It’s natural for Beijing to understand and support Russia’s proposal to build a legally binding long-term security guarantee for Europe,’ the political scientist said.These positions “fit harmoniously into the framework of the Chinese world view”.”Under the negotiations, Russia and China signed agreements on oil and gas supplies, which worried the West a lot.And the two countries have reached agreement on all issues and signed a series of cooperation documents.For China, that means it’s a done deal.This is different from the agreements signed by the West, which is always playing fast and loose.””Korovin said.In an interview with Sputnik News agency, Nezhdanov, an expert at the Institute of International Realities at the Foreign Affairs College of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the joint statement shows the moral superiority of the positions of Russia and China over the US and the West, because the joint statement aims to safeguard the world order based on international law.”The moral superiority of the Russian and Chinese positions relative to the US and the West is clear, because Russia and China talk about maintaining the world order, maintaining the authority and status of the UN, and maintaining the world economic and trade order.”They start from a position of defending the values gained in World War II, thereby setting the United States and its Allies against those values.”Nezhdanov said, “The concept of ‘a community with a shared future for mankind’, proposed by China, has taken root in the hearts of the people and has been integrated into the international relations system.Both Putin and Xi stressed the interdependence of all nations and humanity.”The joint statement pointed out that the two sides are opposed to the establishment of a closed alliance system and the creation of camp confrontation in the Asia-Pacific region, and are highly alert to the negative impact of the INDO-Pacific strategy promoted by the United States on regional peace and stability.In this regard, Professor Balabanov of the Moscow Institute of International Relations believes that this is another example of Russia-China diplomatic unity.”One of the long-term strategies of the US is to break the close ties between Russia and China.Washington is annoyed by the diplomatic unity between Russia and China, but that unity is very important for achieving global security.”Balabanov stressed that russia-China friendly relations are not only of great importance to each other, but also a key factor in maintaining international security and stability.(after)