In Detective 7, Wu Xin catches five murderers in the opening scene

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“Big Detective 7”, Wu Xin’s gameplay is really a clean stream in the detective world.The player introduces himself, introduces a, suspects a, the more to the back of the suspicion is greater, but also analyzed to be well-reasoned, the big teacher has also been xinjie this wave of operation to show: “planted?I like the detective who planted the blame first.”Hahaha !!!!Wu Xin caught five murderers at the beginning. Even Deng Lun was trembling.Wu Xin this wave is too high.Xin elder sister just began to analyze intelligently, finished self-introduction to determine the five murderers, really worthy of you.When I’m a detective, everyone leaves early.Wu Xin: Well, I caught five murderers right from the start.Wu Xin solved the case when the detective listened to his introduction.When each person introduces himself, Wu Xin begins to analyze the motive of each person’s crime.Everyone is a suspect in this analysis.Will all people directly suspected all over, Wu Xin said to ask the last person can solve the case.He teacher immediately say that law “have rong cast rong”!It’s all about leaving work early.This period big detective, detective Wu Xin created brand-new cothinking type crack a case law, the players just introduced oneself, she conjectly gave everybody’s gyi and motive, return very confident ground call out: crack a case crack a case, you this motive is simply too obvious!It’s like this case is going at eight times the speed.Big detective the latest issue of this section who did not see me will be sad!!It was so funny. There was no one in the group who didn’t act. All the actors and actresses were so good.I want to pack all the staff and come again. I really like this active atmosphere. Happy is the most important thing for variety shows.Really this period of detective Wu Xinxiu arrived, we are introducing ourselves, she took the opportunity to “reasonable doubt” from the people, said he Jiong’s motive is to play white, Deng Lun’s behavior is unreasonable, zhang Wei suspected very big…I ended up doubting everyone.Wu Xin said to ask the last person can solve the case, where the teacher immediately said the law “have rong cast rong”!Boy, is this the beat to get off work hahaha!Families, let’s put Detective Wu Xin on the public screen.Just to the self-introduction part, Wu Xin listened to the identity of the people directly opened the analysis mode, and even discussed the motivation of Pu Yixing, Pu is also with the performance, two people discuss hot.Finally, I could not help but sigh with emotion: now it is four people to introduce, a suspect than a big, to the fifth that solved the case.I mean, it must be Wu Xin, she used her own smart mind and rational analysis, at the beginning of the arrest of five murderers, really too strong!You are really a sister!Later see big detective I followed sister vote hey hey!Wu Xin’s INTELLIGENCE quotient really is the rise of dillydallying long rise ah!Just start with self introduction caught five murderers, really is unprecedented ah, what the teacher said all want to put down the pick, quit.I really like him more and more. His analytical skills are amazing.Xin sister is the strongest on the surface of the earth, quick victory, the beginning of the self-introduction caught five murderers, really is unprecedented ah.The logic is fine, it’s killing me, but five is a little too much.A very big imagination: this period is divided into top, middle, bottom, top: the detective suspected five people: suddenly found that the detective is also suspected, overthrew the detective suspects pushed each other.Next: In a twist, the murderer turns out to be a detective.With rong rong, xin xin, a gull with gulls, qi with QiXuan, rooms look white, authorities see zhang, mental see liu, looking for a ghost, a lock terrier wei, fights with large, couples there will be a bandit, and when the detective is not a beacon is god, double north in combination with the world, ask not cooked up all they had been enemies, don’t ask, ask is private.