Guang Yu: 13 height, do you still bet?One reason is very real

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Guang Yu: 13 height, do you still bet?One reason is very real foreword: Hi, I’m Link.Share daily game, esports information, walkthroughs, etc.Players’ demand for height is mainly two kinds of extreme. One is to like height, which is often called fierce 0.Two is to like short, namely 14, dwarf mask such height.Link prefers dwarves to Fierce zeros, especially when they run fast and pout.Sometimes, she looks like a daughter!In fact, it’s hard to bet size 14 without a dwarf mask.Topic of the day: Size 13, do you still bet?One reason is very true. Link likes to use dwarves at ordinary times. After his friend bets on his height, he will stand over to compare his height.She found that no matter how hard she tried and how many bottles she drank, she couldn’t get any shorter, staying around size 13 (slightly taller than a dwarf, it seemed).Visually 13 is short and cute, if not for dwarves.If you were a size 13, would you still want to be a size 14?Do you still gamble?To this question, my friend’s answer is probably representative of most players!She said of course she would bet, because she wanted a shorter one, a size 14.13 also seems to be ok, because the existence of 14, the heart will struggle, there will be lucky psychology, thinking that in case the bet is successful, he is 14.That’s why Link’s friend is betting on height, all she wants is a size 14.One of the reasons is very real and link also tried, I don’t know why, he was always short, the shortest record, is no. 13.We analyzed that it could be the effect of the initial value, or it could be luck.Whether you want a 14, or a 0, for the player, you want to be the shortest, or the tallest.Between 13 and 1, it is “high or low”.The impact of the initial value of gambling height, luck naturally accounted for a part of a bottle of body remodeling to drink, it is possible to grow taller, may also become shorter.That’s the wild card.But the most important factor is actually the initial value.According to the official statement, the child of Light has about 4000 kinds of height, so when the name was created, each person’s height was already determined, which is the tallest, which is the shortest.So you have to decide whether you’re tall or short.Each article is a thought and point of view, representing only Link himself.Part of the story, contributed by fans, please do not take a seat.Link welcomes everyone, rational communication and sharing.Please respect everyone who has different opinions with you, because of the light and warm each other.Remember to follow and share, link thanks here.