Do a good job in this “connecting question” to promote high quality employment of college graduates

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This year, the number of college graduates nationwide will hit a record high of 10.76 million.At present, to promote “cloud employment”, “cloud recruitment”, job signing “one-stop processing”……A number of new measures have been introduced to help college graduates find more jobs of higher quality.This year, the number of college graduates in China exceeded 10 million for the first time. Meanwhile, the economy is also facing the triple pressure of shrinking demand, supply shock and weakening expectations.Whether college graduates can successfully enter the employment market is not only related to their livelihood, but also related to tens of millions of families behind them.It is undoubtedly an important livelihood project to strengthen the employment priority policy and promote the high quality employment of college graduates.What is the key to stable employment for graduates?According to experts, information asymmetry and lack of experience are common reasons for finding jobs.To identify difficulties, local governments, education departments and universities need to work together to strengthen employment and entrepreneurship guidance, policy support and online services.Continuous line of service, first of all in view of the actual difficulties of graduates.The national 24365 College Students Employment Service platform has been upgraded to provide more than 3.8 million job information for the class of 2022 graduates, especially in view of the current situation that the epidemic has made it difficult for graduates to go out to find jobs.At the same time, we need to make full use of policy-related posts, do a good job in community-level employment, recruitment by state-owned enterprises, and recruitment by government organs and public institutions, and expand market-oriented and socialized employment channels.It should also be noted that although the employment situation is complex and grim, while some college graduates are finding it difficult to find jobs, many industries and enterprises still face difficulties in recruiting, and structural problems remain prominent.In the face of real job demand, it is necessary to help graduates and enterprises to do a good job of the employment “connection” : smooth the channels of enterprise employment cooperation, fully understand the situation of talent demand, but also to help graduates to understand the new market demand, understand the new occupation, do a good job in employment planning.Recently, the Ministry of Education has launched a special campaign for college secretaries and presidents to visit enterprises to promote employment. It is necessary to fully mobilize resources from all aspects, such as alumni, to take the initiative to enter parks, industries and enterprises, and strive to find more job resources for graduates.Colleges and universities “master” to grasp employment, must go out, sink, accurate help for the students of the school, in employment services, talent training to open a bigger pattern.Employment service line, but also should consider long-term layout, establish long-term training goals.The industrial structure is in transformation and upgrading, and the new technology is constantly updated and iterated.That is to say, to solve the employment problem, we must move the port forward, take the initiative to adapt to the changes of the industry and enterprises, and innovate the talent training mode.Only in the professional construction, curriculum system, value shaping and other aspects of the overall consideration and planning, can really cultivate to adapt to the development of The Times, social needs of the useful talent.Source CCTV news client editor Wei Yi editor Min Jieyang Tao