“Shandong and the World’s Top 500” high-end equipment industry cooperation held a special rizhao organization in the sub-assembly

2022-07-05 0 By

In the afternoon of February 11, “Shandong and the world’s top 500” high-end equipment industry cooperation was held.The event combines online and offline, with the main venue in Jinan and sub-venues in 16 cities.Li Zaiwu, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor, zhang Jinmei, deputy Mayor attended the meeting in Rizhao.Event, the German global zf-group KeHaoZhe board members,, komatsu, managing director, China general representative today JiZhuo also, Volvo construction equipment company senior vice President of global Thomas bits, the horse holdings co., LTD director and chief technology officer of sichuan built to treat guests and multinational executives with shandong attachment dialogue.In addition, the event also invited the Director of China Japan Chamber of Commerce, Matsushita Electric Industry Corporation group representative director, vice president Tetsuro Honma made a speech.The Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology introduced the development of high-end equipment industry and key fields of foreign cooperation in Jinan, and the starting area for the transformation of old and new driving forces introduced relevant policies and key foreign cooperation industries.Online signing of key foreign cooperation projects was also carried out in the activity. One project of our city participated in the signing activity in rizhao branch.(Rizhao Newspaper all media reporter Qin Zhaozhou Xiaohuan report)