Rent and landlord talk about rent, there is a dilemma

2022-07-05 0 By

The house is rented and the life is my own. However, the epidemic has been going on for nearly half a month and I have not been able to work normally.So the salary is poor, but before their life has always been live today.So the current state in the hands of the state of the show.When it came time to pay the rent, the ego drove me into a dilemma when I thought of talking to the landlord about paying less.Haven’t asked the landlord out of their own to set up a lot of obstacles, afraid of the other party does not agree, looking at the mirror of his face red.Very remorse remorse, remorse that they do not have a sense of risk and crisis, and because the money did not control this thing secretly regret.However, even if I regretted the time, I could not go back to the past, so I had to bite the head off and tell the landlord that I hoped to pay less rent due to the current situation.But the ending is not satisfactory, the rent is not reduced, but can be paid in installments, but also a turning point and buffer.Keep your present embarrassment in mind.Secretly determined to work hard to buy their own house as soon as possible.