How to solve the problem of traffic stickiness behind the price increase

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By the end of January, China’s online mutual insurance system will be officially withdrawn from the market, and the more than 70 million mobile users will no longer enjoy the low-payment, high-protection mutual medical insurance system.”In January, I received a text message from time to time about the shutdown of Alipay.When I opened the link, I found an alternative product of a commercial health insurance. My mother and I were both members before, and they automatically deducted about 10 yuan every month.However, the current alternative products are much more expensive. Taking my mother as an example, for the insurance against cancer for the elderly over 60 years old, the insurance premium for the first three months is nearly 600 yuan, and the maximum insurance amount is only 100,000 yuan.If the so-called renewal insurance is carried out at my age, the annual premium will be more than 200 yuan.I used to buy insurance purely because of the low premium to buy peace of mind, but now when it comes to the real purchase of health insurance, I still have to shop around.”On January 25, Shanghai a member who once participated in network mutual insurance xiao Chen told “China Times” reporters.And xiao Chen’s hesitant attitude is also the true reflection of many current members.To this, Shanghai university of finance and insurance is not a name, a professor at the huaxia times reporter interview, points out that network tide of mutual insurance shows the regulators of the mutual insurance patterns is not recognised, but in this market is cleared after the pure commercial health insurance products to replace, could not make up for the role of the market.”No matter how the price of online mutual insurance increases and how the terms change, they operate on the principle that every member, regardless of their state of mind, must pay a lower premium than ordinary commercial health insurance products.After the withdrawal of nearly all online mutual assistance platforms, we have indeed seen a sharp increase in the premiums of the domestic commercial health insurance market. However, this increase has little to do with the withdrawal of other online mutual assistance platforms. On the one hand, the public’s awareness of insurance has increased, and on the other hand, COVID-19 has made more people pay attention to insurance protection.On the other hand, in the past three years, members and premiums of online mutual aid platforms have also seen explosive growth. However, it remains to be seen whether the withdrawal of this model can make commercial health insurance products sell well on alipay’s interface.”The above professor further analysis points out.The reporter learned that in the eyes of many former mutual insurance members interviewed, since the mutual insurance product is gone, there is no need to choose a new renewal, because the renewal is the product of the insurance company, and how many of the members who had reached 100 million at the highest time do not care about the amount of premium?According to the Orient securities institute to sort out, according to data from one of the largest domestic network platform for mutual insurance since 2019, after three years operating the highest membership had reached 101 million, then with the amount of its contribution from the original 0.1 yuan per month to exceed the amount of contribution 7 yuan per month, now makes its membership also falling fast,It was 71.18 million before the shutdown.”That is to say, the public is very sensitive to the price of consumer health insurance in any form. If an insurance company raises the premium of health insurance even a little, it may lead to the loss of customers. Therefore, the competition in the health insurance market is extremely fierce in recent years.”January 27, Shanghai a large health insurance company business director Zhu Wen frankly told our reporter.According to Zhu wen, however, the departure of online mutual insurance is a good thing for insurers, as some traffic will surely be diverted to commercial health insurance.It is worth mentioning that in January 24, the ant group insurance agent platform “protect” ant said in a news release, in order to reduce the threshold of the insurance products, consumer preference has started trial operation “classics” service, the service will be from the insured threshold, protection range, price, service, claims and company operating five dimensions of integrated platform of insurance products do contrast,Finally, the insurance products with the strongest comprehensive competitiveness on the platform are selected.This move is also seen as the transformation of Ant Insurance platform to commercial insurance sales after the closure of the mutual insurance model.How to reduce the risk of loss of customers from more than 100 million members to more than 70 million, after the closure of the largest mutual insurance platform in China where the members naturally become the focus of insurance companies, and are trying to improve the membership stickability or through products to distribute.In the eyes of industry insiders, Ant Bao’s move is aimed at improving customer stickiness.According to ant Financial’s website, financial Services will consider indicators such as richness of guarantee liability, proportion of claims, scope of exemption, and health service.In the company management, the main need to evaluate the insurance company’s management ability, risk resistance ability and service ability.For different types of insurance, the key dimensions of consideration will be different, and specific indicators will change.Insurance products that meet the golden standard must also ensure clear health information and reasonable product terms and exemptions, according to the service page.In addition, the service will be updated dynamically based on the user’s subsequent feedback, and will remove the product from Jinzhan if the user’s feedback is not good.”Previously, some insurance agent platforms optimized product recommendation experience of their own platforms through screening mechanism, so as to lower the threshold for users to make decisions.Jinxuan service is an attempt to reduce the difficulty of consumers’ decision-making, and we will continue to absorb the feedback from users and partners and continue to optimize and iterate.As an open platform, Ant Insurance will continue to work with more quality insurance companies to introduce more quality insurance products for consumers to choose from.”Shao Wenlan, vice president of Ant Group and president of Ant Insurance, said on January 24.Guo Jinlong, director of the Research Center for Insurance and Economic Development under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that insurance is a financial product with a high threshold of understanding. It is difficult to understand and choose insurance, which on the one hand bothers consumers and on the other hand forms an invisible restriction on the development of the industry.This model, which addresses consumers’ pain points, makes insurance products more transparent, better protects consumers’ rights and interests, and helps promote high-quality development of the industry.There is also a senior person in the industry said that at this point, the domestic network mutual insurance type is said to bid farewell to the market, and the advent of the urban customized commercial supplementary medical insurance in the past two years also gives domestic people more choices, but after all, the mutual insurance premium is low, it will “change its face” again, is also unknown.Chief editor: Xu Yunqian Chief editor: Gong Peijia