Premier League preview: Wolves v Arsenal, Liverpool v Leicester City

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Click follow to learn more.Wolves VS Arsenal in the last 6 meetings, Wolves 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, wolves 3 home 2-1 performance is good.Wolves:Wolves recent state or obvious stabilization, the team in the premier league last at brentford, though performance is not active on the offensive end, but the efficiency is high, muti mourinho took the lead in the second half, equalised after rival, final neves outbursts again scored the winning goal, ultimately the team away 2-1 defeat opponents, although in the fa cup after eliminated by Norwich,However, the team’s ambition is not in the cup, and the recent league is also unbeaten in 5 rounds of good situation, and the winning rate is very high, at present in the league with 34 points in the case of fewer matches ranked the 8th, and only 2 points difference with the European zone team, the situation is very favorable.Wolves offensive output, is the third fewer goals in the league teams, recently also is to have more than zero sealed by your competitors, but the team is very good at defense, less is lost the ball in the league’s second team, recent defence strength is also further strengthen, home side winning percentage reached 4, on a home after a 3-1 victory over Southampton,Is also from the previous face no win situation out of the team.Arsenal:Under multiple fronts Arsenal’s recent performance is not satisfactory, the team in the premier league last home game against a buoyant burnley, although occupies absolute advantage, but also failed to door scored rivals, final 0-0 at home stuffy flat end, plus a few cup matches, before the gunners last five games 2 and 3 performance is so bad,Currently, the league ranks sixth with 36 points in fewer matches, four points behind the top four teams, and still has certain competitiveness.Arsenal attack performance although more active, but the stability of the front line is still not good, the recent cup matches are also a row against zero, fortunately, the team’s defensive intensity has improved.The gunners have a 400 per cent winning record on the road and have won their last two league games at home by big scores, but they have beaten teams at the bottom of the league, which is not too high to disguise their three successive defeats.In the English Premier League, Wolves’ recent condition is obviously improved, the league remains unbeaten, during which they drew with Chelsea at home. Although the team plays conservative, the defense is really solid. In addition, wolves have won the last two meetings between the two sides, and the psychological level is not defeated by their opponents.Arsenal’s recent poor performance in the cup, the league also suffered two rounds of defeat, the problem at the front end is still there, aubameyang left the team, has been concerned about the striker vlahovic also finally decided to go to Juve, the team in the winter window of nothing.Wolves still have a chance to defend their home unbeaten.Liverpool have won three, drawn one and lost two in their last six meetings, with leicester city losing 1-0 in the first leg of the season.Liverpool:Liverpool’s recent state or stabilize again, although many fronts and array African cup of nations in people have been transferred, but overall performance is also very active, the team in the premier league last at crystal palace, the former centre-back players, finally a 3-1 win away crystal palace, then the team 3-1 in the fa cup again romped to Cardiff city,Liverpool are second in the league with 48 points, nine points behind Manchester City at the top of the table, and it will not be easy to win the title.Liverpool are the top scoring team in the league in terms of attacking firepower. Despite the absence of their two main strikers, Liverpool have maintained a very efficient goal scoring rate in recent games. Meanwhile, the team has become more stable in defence.At home Liverpool are unbeaten so far this season, with a win rate of 700, and have a strong ability to win at home.Leicester:Leicester city recent erratic performance, the team in the premier league last home game against Brighton, opposing players welbeck goal before the end of a perfect flat play fox town, and finally home 1-1, after team 4-1 defeat in the fa cup championship team at Nottingham forest, after keeping the leicester city all competitions three rounds to be,The overall state again declined, the current team under the circumstances of less matches with 26 points ranked 10th, and the gap between the European zone team widened to 10 points, the situation is more unfavorable.Leicester city’s offensive performance is still more active, but the team’s defensive strength is still declining significantly, and the team has only 2 wins away from home so far, the league has suffered 2 consecutive defeats in 4 rounds of the terrible situation.The English super league confrontation, Liverpool strength without much to say, the recent performance is also improved very obvious, the home side is the attitude of the home dragon.Leicester city’s recent form is very unstable, the team’s defensive intensity has declined significantly, the away game is not too strong ability, but the team in the last three meetings two wins and one draw, psychological aspect is not afraid of opponents.We didn’t expect Liverpool to be able to get through this game.For more exciting content, follow Shoot Sports