“Cool toy Pistol,” “It snowed,” “Birthday Song.”

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Cool toy pistol Class 4, Primary 4, Urban District: Chen Yixin’s father bought me a new toy pistol.The handle is black and blue. Cool color.The muzzle has a sight to aim at, the gun body is mainly blue and heavy to hold, and behind the trigger is a magazine for manual loading.Above the clip button is the empty hanging button, behind the empty hanging button is the rear slider, after the slider is the room, the room below is the soft ammunition storage bunker.The whole thing looks very dignified.I like my new toy very much. I like playing gunplay with my friends with toy guns.It’s snowing, it’s snowing!My good friend Feifei and I duī snowman in the snow, snow Zhang.It’s snowing heavily!Snow Luo in hand good ice ah!But it’s fun.I like snowy days.Today, I am fē chang Gao Xing.Under SISTER N īnī ‘s B ā ngzhu, I learned a sh ī u new tune — “Happy Birthday”.This happy birthday song is for my grandpa and dad’s upcoming birthday zhǔ nbei.I want nǔ mechanics, come on!Instructor: Feng Guifang