The story of what is also derived from

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The story of what is also originated from Ouyang Xiu’s Liu Yi Lay Scholar Biography.Liu Yi Lay Scholar biography is an autobiographical essay written by Ouyang Xiu, a litterateur of the Song Dynasty.In the first section, the author introduces his two personal names “Drunk Weng” and “Liu Yi Lay Scholar”.”Drunk weng” was his self-title when he was demoted to Chuzhou in the sixth year of qingli.In the first year of Xining, Ouyang xiu built a house in Yingzhou and prepared to retire. He was “old, infirm and ill, and was about to retire from yishui.Chuzhou chushan, Yingzhou Yingshui, combined to show the author’s old age to get rid of the world’s disturbing thought.Ouyang Xiu, styled Yongshu, alias Zuiweng, was a statesman and writer in the Northern Song Dynasty.In the first year of Jingyou (1034), ouyang Xiu, at the age of 28, went back to Beijing to do the collation of the imperial library and participated in the compilation of chongwen General Catalog.In Beijing, he continued to take “the house is always full, the wine is not empty” as his motto.However, At this time, Ouyang Xiu was no longer the teenager who enjoyed his youth. He began to shoulder social responsibilities.3. Ouyang Xiu majored in “New Book of Tang”, and wrote “New History of the Five Dynasties”, and “Ouyang Wenzhong Collection” passed down, posthumous title Wenzhong, donated tai Shi, Duke of Chu.The New History of the Five Dynasties was written by Ouyang of the Song Dynasty, formerly known as Records of the Five Dynasties. Later generations were different from the history of the Five Dynasties edited by xue Juzheng and other officials, which was called the New History of the Five Dynasties.It recorded the history of 53 years from the first year of Kaiping of the Later Liang Dynasty (907) to the seventh year of Xiande of the later Zhou Dynasty (960).