Jixi city veterans Affairs Bureau joint military barracks visit veterans

2022-07-03 0 By

On the morning of January 18, the municipal Veterans Affairs Bureau and the Military retirement Center jointly launched an activity to send blessings to the veterans and honor the heroes during the Spring Festival, in order to further carry forward the glorious tradition of supporting the military and their families, supporting the government and loving the people, strengthening the relationship between the military and the people, and consolidating the achievements of the establishment of “Model city of Double Support”.At the event site, the staff of the military retreat gave the representatives of the veterans flowers and blessings, and prepared honey, pollen, high-quality millet and other comfort products.Veterans affairs bureau staff also recited the poem “The Loveliest Among Us” for the veterans to remember the war years.The girl’s solo song “The hot soldiers in the hot Barracks” won rounds of applause from the veterans.In the end, veteran representatives and volunteers took to the stage to sing a powerful military song “Target Returning”, telling the history of serving as a soldier and reliving the military life with the melody.This activity was assisted and supported by the Mayor’s Life Research Association, the bank elderly service station, the retired veterans club and other units.Reporter Li Zhiwei wang Mulan