CD action, public spoon public chopsticks……Qingdao: Civilized dining leads the new “food” fashion of New Year’s Eve dinner

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During the Spring Festival holiday, Qingdao city streets are filled with a happy and peaceful atmosphere of the New Year.Qingdao’s major supermarkets, restaurants and restaurants are doing brisk business.In promoting civilized dining habits, citizens actively practice the concept of civilized dining tables, ordering dishes “just right” and taking home leftovers to save meals.The traditional virtue of diligence and frugality has become a common trend in Qingdao. For most citizens, “Clean plate Action” is not only a slogan, but also an attitude towards life.Preparing a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner is the most important part of many families’ New Year’s calendar, and with the improvement of life quality, dining in restaurants has become a new choice for many families.”All 30 private rooms in our Chinese restaurant have been booked for half a month.Each private room can accommodate about 8 customers, according to different set meal standards, the amount of hot dishes is generally controlled at about 10.It’s a reasonable amount overall.”Qingdao seaview Garden Hotel general manager assistant Wang Guowei said, now customers have been able to more consciously practice civilized table action, “in the New Year’s Eve dinner choice, customers will choose to eat better, dining standards improve some, but absolutely will not waste.In addition to the Chinese restaurant, the sea view garden hotel also continue to carry out cd-rom reward activities in the buffet western restaurant, every cd-rom after dinner reward 20 yuan, guide consumers to consciously practice “cd-rom action”, put an end to “waste on the tip of the tongue”.At the same time, during the Spring Festival holiday, Qingdao’s districts and cities have also carried out various forms of activities, calling on the general public and catering enterprises to start from their own, not extravagant, not wasteful, according to the demand, packaging, cultivate civilized dining habits.Shinan district has carried out the “civilized and healthy, serving chopsticks dining” theme activities in the major supermarkets.The catering enterprises in the supermarket in the restaurant and put up “against waste, advocating saving” “cd-rom action” and other tips table and poster.Catering enterprises in the supermarket are required to provide public spoons and chopsticks to consumers and advocate civilized dining in light of the needs of epidemic prevention and control.In addition, organize supermarkets to use LED screens to play the propaganda content related to civilized dining tables, and create a good atmosphere of civilized dining in supermarkets catering shops.Source: Guanhai News client