Sold 84,800 units of trumpchi GS3 POWER 2022 launched

2022-07-01 0 By

On April 7th, GAC Trumpchi 2022 GS3 POWER was officially launched. The new car is upgraded for internal and external details and function configuration, further highlighting the fashion and sporty temperament, and offers a total of 4 models with 1.5T+6MT and 1.5T+6AT. The official guide price is 848 to 102,800 yuan.● Introduction of the new car: In terms of appearance, the new GS3 POWER still looks like the familiar brand family style. The inverted trapeze front grille is heavily integrated with chrome plating elements, and is connected with the big light groups on both sides, which looks fashionable.Different is, the new car in the net, wing, wheel and other details into orange decorative elements, with new Haoyue grey car paint matching color, fully highlight the young sports atmosphere.In addition to the entry-level model, the new car will come standard with matrix LED headlights and a unique 18-inch five-panel wheel rims for the mid-height model, a rare core “perk” for its price.In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4350/1825/1685mm (including luggage rack), and the wheelbase is 2560mm, which is positioned as a small SUV.As well as the exterior, yellow trim has been incorporated into the interior seats, while carbon fiber panels around the center console and retaining rods give the cockpit a youthful, sporty look.In addition, the new car is equipped with a standard 10.25-inch central control screen, and a 7-inch LCD instrument panel in the middle and high parts. Huawei HiCar smartphone interconnection system is added to support remote control of the vehicle and security and anti-theft services.It is worth mentioning that the top is equipped with language recognition control, 360° panoramic video, car navigation, 6 speakers and other core equipment.In terms of power, the entry model is equipped with the 3B15J1 1.5T L3 turbocharged engine (235T), with 163 HP and 235 NM of torque, matched by a six-speed manual transmission.The other three models are equipped with a third-generation 1.5T L4 (270T) engine, model 4A15J1, with a maximum power of 169 HP and a maximum torque of 265 NM, matched by a six-speed automatic transmission (Iaxin).