“Husband and wife team” : this is our duty and responsibility

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Fu Chengxi and Cao Siyuan sent their 28-month-old son to a relative’s home without even making a video call, instead of fighting the epidemic.Fu Chengxi is the instructor of The Lipu police station of Jinhua Jindong Public Security Sub-bureau, and his wife Cao Siyuan works in the Health bureau of Jindong District.Since mid-March, when a COVID-19 positive case was found in the east district of Jinhua, the pace of their work has tightened.Working overtime, from time to time to value a night shift became the norm, in such a case, even the minimum “single-core” with baby model also became extravagant, the husband and wife had to look for help on the children’s uncle who lived in the same building.”When I look back on it, I think it was a wise decision to live in the same building as my brother and sister-in-law.”Cao Siyuan said with a smile.Knowing that the couple were busy, cao siyuan’s brother and sister-in-law would call to inquire about their 28-month-old nephew from time to time. For Cao siyuan, who was busy with work, it was a waste of time even to be polite.Then he hung up the phone, which was no surprise to either of us.During the epidemic, Fu Chengxi and Cao Siyuan’s two treasures also naturally “settled” uncle.His brother and sister-in-law brought him back. They were responsible for eating, drinking and sleeping, and went to Cao siyuan’s house to change clothes.Fu chengxi and Cao Siyuan used to meet their son via video, but his son would cry when he saw them.In order not to be missed by their son, the couple had to find out about their son’s condition from his brother and sister-in-law via phone or wechat.One night, his brother sent a video of his child crying for his father and refusing to sleep. Fu Chengxi and Cao Siyuan watched it, but they did not dare to comfort him through the video despite their sadness.Cao siyuan had to take a temporary leave of absence to take care of the child, who clung to his mother, unwilling to part.Cao siyuan could only put the child to sleep with one hand in his arms and was busy with his own work with the other. “I didn’t dare to pull my hand away because my son was afraid THAT I would go away again.”This year marks fu chengxi’s 26th year of public security work.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, he has always been on the front line of the battle against the epidemic, both as a commander and a combatant, fighting continuously and making his home.In addition to coordinating the work of the organization, Fu chengxi also led the team to carry out epidemic prevention inspection in the shops along the streets of the district, Posting “Jinhua epidemic prevention code” door to door and urging the merchants to take various epidemic prevention measures over and over.After busy day work, at night he took two auxiliary police to lingxia Zhu high-speed card point on duty, in the lower temperature of the outdoor, constantly prompt in and out of the expressway vehicles and personnel, let them accept inspection, show health code and travel card.Cao siyuan is a member of the comprehensive coordination group of jindong District epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters.Since her centralized office in December last year, she has been responsible for the statistics and summary of data of all special teams and tasks assigned by her superiors every day.The outbreak came as a surprise. She worked all night at the headquarters of epidemic Prevention and Control and fought for more than 40 hours.How many quarantined people in the region, how many close contacts…Some data need to be more urgent, a busy up to ignore the family.The couple joined the fight against the epidemic without complaining.They said that when the epidemic hit, colleagues around them were just like them. They were giving up their families to protect the health of the people and doing their part to fight the epidemic.(According to News from Zhejiang Workers’ Daily, Reporter Hu Chong, correspondent Zhou Jingli and Hong Chen of Zhejiang Workers’ Daily