A shower is coming!Zhuhai weather will be unstable!Here are some things to watch out for on the way back

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From now on, the next few days will be the peak season for returning to Zhuhai. Please pay attention to the weather, traffic and epidemic prevention alerts!According to the municipal meteorological observatory, the weather in Zhuhai is expected to turn unstable on July 7 (the seventh day), and there will be a rainfall process. Meanwhile, the wind on the sea will continue to be strong in the next few days, so please pay attention to the adverse impact of the rainfall and the wind on the Spring Festival transportation and offshore operations.According to the municipal meteorological Observatory, it is expected that the 6th day will be mainly cloudy in Zhuhai, and it will still be cold in the morning and evening.On July 7 (the seventh day), influenced by the south branch trough and the intersection of cold and warm air currents, the weather turned unstable, with occasional showers;The 8th (eighth day) cold air supplement affects our city, morning and evening cold, daytime cloudy.The specific forecast is as follows: February 6: generally cloudy, cold in the morning and evening, temperature 12-16℃, northeast wind, sea surface gust 7-8;Feb.7: overcast day with occasional showers, temperature 14-17℃, easterly to northerly winds, sea gusts of force 7-8;Feb 8: cloudy, partly clear, temperature 11-16℃, northerly wind, sea gusts 7-8.In addition, according to the weather news in Guangdong, from the night of February 6th (the sixth day) to the seventh day (the seventh day), there was heavy rain in the central and northern cities and counties of Guangdong, while other cities and counties had moderate rain and local heavy rain. The daily average temperature dropped by 3℃ ~ 5℃.In this regard, Guangdong traffic police remind you that if you plan to return from central and northern Guangdong, the rain will be more obvious in the next two days, please make reasonable travel plans and drive carefully.When driving in rain, fog and other bad weather, you should turn on fog lights to warn the car to slow down.Guangdong traffic police to return peak is expected to coming in on February 6th ▼ ▼ ▼ to rush the whole traffic & traffic overall traffic into the province, is expected in February 3, 2022 (3) the first beginning, the provincial highway traffic will gradually increase, February 6 (people) and February 16 (16) for the return of two peak.In terms of traffic flow into the province, February 6 (the sixth day of the first lunar month) and February 17 (the 17th day of the first lunar month) are expected to be the peak.Among them, hunan, Guangxi, the direction of the return of the highway traffic demand.The obvious backflow sections are mainly concentrated in the expressways around the Pearl River Delta and the main channels entering the province.During the Spring Festival travel rush in our province, the traffic flow has obvious tidal characteristics. Before the festival, it spreads from the Pearl River Delta area to the east, west and north of Guangdong, and then backflows after the festival.The sections that are expected to be prone to congestion during the peak period of post-Holiday return trips mainly include:G15 shenhai expressway shantweimingpo border interchange section, Shenzhen Long gang service section, Jiangmen Fengshan interchange section, Yangjiangjiangmen interchange section, S14 Shantweimingjiang expressway Maoming Gaozhou section, Nahuaodong service section, G80 guangqing Expressway Xiandonggang service section, G0421 Xuguang expressway Qingyuan-qingyuan-qingnan section, G55 two Guangzhou expressway Zhaoqing Guangning County section,S2 hirokawa high-speed huizhou han charging stations, spokesman wide high-speed meizhou camphor tree pond interchange period, G0423 yue high-speed German service section, banyan tree tunnel segment G0422 wu highway in shaoguan, G9411 this.i fo the humen bridge, wide S6 dragon high-speed nansha bridge section.Zhuhai CDC reminds you that for the sake of your health and that of others, if you come to or return to Zhuhai in the near future, please cooperate with the following health management measures: I hope you can go out happily and return to Zhuhai safely!Comprehensive from zhuhai meteorological Observatory, Guangdong traffic police, Zhuhai DISEASE control Yang Ziwei/responsible editor Hu Jieting/editor