50W firm dish 20 days, one day a change, infrastructure, tourism trading tide is graduation?

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1. Core market leader (market hot spot situation, not promising) infrastructure, real estate, construction machinery: Longyi Zhejiang Construction Investment, Longyi Zhengping Shares, Longsan Chengbang shares;Others: Quanzhu Stock, Ningbo United, Hangzhou Landscape, Ningbo Fidelity, Jiayuan Technology, Hualan Group;Digital economy: Longyi Swan Stock;Others: Weixing Intelligent, Pioneer Electronics, Hengjiu Technology new energy: Longyi Anzhong Shares;Others: Southeast Grid, Tianwo Technology;Media: Longyi Zhejiang Pictures, LongerHua Media Holdings;Consumption: Longyi real detection;Others: Dongpeng Beverage, Haiyin Stock, Londi Group Tourism: Longyi International Travel Service Joint Venture;Others: Xizang Tourism medicine: Longyi Chengda Pharmaceutical;Others: Wandong Medical, Yaben Chemical ii, 50W firm offer double tour, the 20th day yesterday mentioned concerns about CITS United, Guangdong Group;CITS trading limit, unfortunately, today opened too little, did not buy.I watched Poly Union over and over last night, and it felt right.Originally expected low open two points (the price is played) brainless to buy, who expect periphery rise, A shares high open, I should know that I only like low open tickets, Poly high open appears passive, in order not to deviate from the trading system or chose to give up.Taihe group was thinking of a good market today, take a rebound, he did not want to see the results weak, or the floor sold.Opening today elected Huitong Group, gave the opportunity to get on the car, the end of the trading limit;I tried my luck with the gold culture (totally against the trading system), and as it turned out, bad luck…3. 2022.2.17 (Thursday) China Agricultural Union, Zhengtong Electronics, Shengguang Group, Advanced Data (open high or open price drop less than 2% give up) 4. STAR said that the russia-Ukraine conflict in the market has eased signs, European and American stock markets rose, has A positive effect on A.All kinds of countdown, like a show, have you ever seen a war get down to exactly what time?You can’t make a movie that accurate.Today, the overall A is good, although it is still A game of stock funds, but my system only for the market can be stable, too busy and too cold, are not suitable.It is impossible to wait all the time to put quantity, a lot of people feel quantity is not enough, this is a fact, but now the market is impossible to go up directly, more or turn, do not need too big quantity.It’s not about the Fed raising rates, which I know is unconventional, but there’s more to the market than meets the eye.I like to see a lot of people worried every day, in fact, the market is changing, today one way, tomorrow that way.If everything is attributed to the Federal Reserve, then also do what to trade, are shipping pressure excuse just.Back in January, after the fall of Jiuan, the digital currency took over, but the height did not rise, the heat was not enough, the market slowly cold, the result is that the capital left the market.In the face of environmental uncertainty, people’s mentality will change.So now the mood is back?I think it is almost hot, these two days rebound is not unexpected, that is to say, this rebound is just emotional repair.It is expected that the market will continue to fluctuate, possibly for a long time.Not afraid of shock, shock is sometimes better than the unilateral trend to earn, I will not regret selling fly, will not expect to buy a big profit, do not violate the trading system, I believe the market will give me a reward.The above content is only for personal thinking and trading plan, firm offer record, not as investment advice.