50 years old woman dress: don’t outfit tender, want elegant, recommend these 3 sets collocation, go out decent have temperament

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What does age bring to women?Is the charm and temperament!Over the age of 50, the dressing style gradually tends to temperament, dress tender and deliberately reduce the age of wear, it seems that the upper body effect slightly with a sense of peace, such age women, pay attention to the noble and elegant sense, often the more simple collocation, the effect presented will be more advanced and stylish, there is no so-called rustic and tacky feeling.Go out to decent, temperament to go first, middle-aged women send out the charm, no worse than young girls.Compared with the youthful enthusiasm, the elegance and elegance released by 50+ also have their own unique beauty. Youth has the capital, but the elegance of age will never lose to the power of youth.Draw lessons from the middle-aged temperament of women’s 3 sets of collocation, from the collocation of senior sense, learning details of the collocation skills, from these several major distinctive wear, the development of a more scheming way of dressing, middle-aged women, also have their own fashion sense and spring.How to do decent temperament?Begin to learn from these big tie-in!Do not install tender, elegant greatly square, will 50+ women’s unique beauty, with the most decent way to show, release their own charm, from now on do not do “dirt aunt”!Understand 50 years old woman’s dress characteristic characteristic one: the contracted sex that pays attention to design every age has different dress template, and to go up 50 years old middle-aged female, it is to want with “temperament” to win, nature cannot choose too grandizement design.The contracted sex that pays attention to design, in simple however can showing advanced feeling, show this age should have charm beauty.♢ White Shirt YYDS Classic, timeless white Shirt, will always have a place in a stylish style.The intellectual and elegant atmosphere conveyed by the white shirt is even more charming when applied to a woman over 50.♢ Woolen Coat Temperance Falls Around Although it is a simple woolen coat, all women can put several on hand.But, the coat that has simple sense more, can reflect a female savour more, advanced feeling also is to say to have have.Characteristics two: from the texture of high taste clothing fabric selection, often more important than the selection of style!Middle-aged women clothing can not be fancy, but the quality must not be poor!Inferior dress, and quality superb dress, upper body effect is completely different, naked eye visible “cheap feeling” and “advanced feeling” distinction.✔ Comfortable decent no longer need to pursue unconventional, and too loose “street tide feeling”, decent and comfortable trim version, more suitable for 50+ shape and temperament.Therefore, choose some version of self-cultivation, wearing comfortable clothes, will be more generous and decent performance.Three sets of temperament collocation, get to wear inspiration temperament collocation: V neck sweater + pile pile collar + skirt is simple but with a special place, low tone of the fold wear, with V neck sweater and pile pile collar bottom unlined upper body to enrich, collocation of basic skirt, temperament full marks.With lubricious wear law, also reflected middle-aged woman should some composed low-key, and the characteristic that is rich savour.Stack collar stack wear, more hierarchical sense of stack wear, do not choose a simple style, with a very decorative role of the neck line pile collar to match, show the neck line, slender and hierarchical, upper body is no longer monotonous, details can also be slender sense of performance.Although are simple single product collocation, but the whole can use the same color collocation, so that the whole body is full of a senior royal sister temperament, color unity and coordination, so that the whole will become more agile and full of taste.Temperament collocation two: white coat + black bottom + jeans coat and jeans, is any age and any age, will not be out of date classic.The classic layering of white + black is also the classic partner of color combination. This group of collocation is simple and advanced and full of connotation.The coat choice is the coat, with a looser upper body effect, or choose the coat style with a belt, or expose the inside, the waist line of the lower outfit exposed, the proportion will be more prominent.➤ Fat, can adjust the color sequence of the inside and outside of the bracket can be based on their own body characteristics, to change the color sequence of the upper body coat and inside.For example: if the upper body is thick and fat, use a dark coat + light color inside, otherwise the opposite.➤ Try not to choose a wide leg version of the attention to loose tight collocation, since the upper body choose a loose coat, then jeans will try to choose a more slim version of the better, as far as possible to avoid the version of open leg trousers.Straight leg jeans are straight and slim, with a high-waisted design that makes them look taller.Smoke tube style jeans, the top width will give ample thigh room, straight calf can also improve the shape of the leg.Temperament is tie-in 3: knit unlined upper garment + sweater + half-length skirt in recent years big heat “grandma wind”, so grandma unlined upper garment also became trend sheet article.Grandma sweater with knitted sweater level wear method, retro and temperament, in the age of the fit is also very high.Tie-in a simple half-length skirt casually, color is proper, can tie-in extremely have temperament.The style is laid-back and retro, but as a sweater, it needs to feel comfortable and fit.Want to pay attention to the softness of knit sweater so and fit degree, go up in beautiful and comfortable feeling better.➤ The overall color to control in the retro sense to choose the grandma wind to wear, so in the color collocation, as far as possible to retro simple color.Do not ask gaudy colourful color, need to carry on feeling restoring ancient ways only after all, choose brunet or basic big color, the feeling restoring ancient ways that collocation comes out will be more intense.Feeling restoring ancient ways highlights element: lattice grain, brown brings up feeling restoring ancient ways, probably the primary reaction is the element of lattice grain.With its deep colors and recognizable British elements, the upper body can bring people’s temperament to the classical temperament.Scan widely what restore ancient ways is worn build, discover not hard, in the expression that lubricious fastens, brown is the most commonly used typical outstanding colour and lustre.With its qiu dong exclusive color feeling, and full-bodied breath restoring ancient ways, also be in restoring ancient ways atmosphere, performance feeling is very remarkable wear method.50 years old how to dress more advanced sense, temperament, elegance and decent as the starting point, master middle-aged women’s picking skills and dressing skills, match, still not lost to any young women.Do your own fashion queen, go more and more wonderful on the road of mature charm.