339 entries!Yulin the fifth winter ice and snow Games opened today

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On February 9th, the opening ceremony of the 5th Winter Ice and snow Games of Yulin city was held in yulin Hongshixia Ecological Park ski resort. Zheng Dabin, deputy director of Yulin Sports Bureau presided over the ceremony. Cui Hongjun, deputy secretary general of Yulin municipal government, and Li Hongyu, president of Yulin Ice and snow Sports Association attended the event.Yulin City sports Bureau director Wei Jun speech, Yulin city vice mayor Yang Dongming announced the opening.It is understood that in order to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics, in response to the national call of “300 million people on ice and snow”, create ice and snow sports atmosphere, create ice and snow events with northern Shaanxi regional characteristics, promote the development of winter sports in Yulin City.According to the research of Yulin Sports Bureau, the fifth Winter Ice and snow Games of Yulin city will be held from February 8 to 10, 2022.WeiJun, said here today was held in yulin city, the “fifth winter snow games opening ceremony, is to further popularized winter sports in-depth development in our city, arouse the people active in the sports fitness business, promote yulin people body quality and elegant temperament, with the new situation, new look, new state celebrates its province 17 the arrival of the shipment,It is also a strong hand for the city to implement the program of Building a Strong Country in Sports. The success of this Games is of great significance for promoting national fitness activities, improving the competitive level of snow and ice sports in the city and promoting the development of winter sports in the city.”I am representing Jingbian county to take part in the skating competition, and this time there are three of us.”Muliming said that she has been skating for two or three years. She is very grateful to the Jingbian County Sports Bureau for supporting her competition and wishes the Winter Olympics to be better and better.Reporters in the winter swimming competition to see the scene, the players you chase me with the most full state to meet the competition.Competitors Song Ruqiang told reporters that he participated in the winter swimming, very happy to participate in today’s competition.”After practicing winter swimming, I feel much healthier and have no minor problems.”Song ruqiang said that he hoped the snow and ice sports in Yulin would become better and better, and wished the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success.”This competition registered more teams, everyone is also very eager to participate.”Winter swimming contest judge hui-lung lee said, each county basic sent teams to participate in, and the winter has been preparing for this game, I hope they can match the result, the water it is understood that a total of 339 people, the ice and snow in the winter games events on February 8-10, include skiing, winter swimming, skating, ice skating rink qingyun project in held at the same time).Author: Chang Sheng reporter Cao Yi