Lebron nod and Westbrook will be traded, and the responsibility will be left to lebron

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The NBA trade deadline has arrived. The free agency deadline is at 3 p.m. Et. No trades can be made at that time, but teams can still sign players in free agency.There are a number of teams in trade talks, some looking to strengthen, some looking to avoid taxes and save money, and some looking to rebuild after a poor record.There have been a number of trades so far, with the Lakers’ arch-rival Clippers surprising many teams by making a move without their star back, and multiple reporters predicting Leonard and George will return for the playoffs, still aiming for a championship this season.The Clippers have been strengthening their front line, and the Lakers are not to be outdone, frantically contacting the general managers of various teams and looking for any possible solutions to improve, but the Lakers have no assets and no good young players, only to watch others improve.The only people the lakers can trade and have trade value are Tucker, Monk and Nunn, etc. James and Timberlake are probably not tradeable, the lakers all want to trade Westbrook, but no team is interested in westbrook.The only team willing to take westbrook’s big contract at this point is the Rockets, and the deal is a Westbrook Wall swap, provided the lakers take their only first-round pick, which the front office doesn’t want to do, and who won’t be traded unless they have to.Less trade value is extremely low, even single in wall, the rockets are a first round to sign, but now the lakers management thought with the Philadelphia 76 ers traded, with less as the main chip, plus tucker and first round sign, can change to simmons and others have to say the lakers really couldn’t figure it out for their own strength, what also don’t know their asset prices.Despite his youth, Tucker had a bad reputation and not many teams wanted him.The lakers’ record is so bad that they might not even make the playoffs, and the talk of trading Westbrook has been going on for half a year.Now that the trade deadline is approaching, the lakers’ front office has no option but to trade Westbrook without any reinforcements, freeing up room and also taking the pressure off James and Taylor.Lakers management said that westbrook would be traded as long as James said yes, and the lakers would not trade westbrook without James’ nod. It seems to respect James’ opinion, but in fact, the blame is placed on James, whether it is traded or not, the future poor performance will not matter to the management.The front office gave James the opportunity and he can’t blame anyone else for not trading Westbrook.Trading Westbrook for Wall (or anyone else) with the same poor record doesn’t matter to the front office, given James’ nod.The lakers’ front office has killed two birds with one stone, placing all the blame and blame on James and casting him as both a sinner and a villain.The lakers’ management has saved their jobs, and the media and the lakers have nothing to say.With Jeanie Buss in charge and her friends, the Rambis, in complete control of the lakers’ top office, they began to undermine James through factional rivalries.When James asked for demar derozan in the offseason, and the Rambis and owner Jeanie Buss asked for Westbrook, the ultimate goal of the Lakers front office was not to win a championship, but to limit James and not allow him to have too much prestige with the Lakers, and trading Westbrook did exactly that.The fact that James could trade Westbrook with a nod of his head and then let multiple media outlets report on it is the worst thing the lakers management can do, throwing all the problems at James.