AMZOO Amuzo home, release home soul

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Now, our material conditions are getting better and better, and life is paying more and more attention to texture.Especially in the level of home design, more and more attention to comfortable experience and spiritual enjoyment.With a keen sense of fashion and life, AMZOO keeps trying the latest materials, technologies and design concepts.The combination of art and outstanding manufacturing technology gives each household the “soul”.AMZOO home research and development products mainly focus on “home”, including home daily necessities and small household appliances.The creative conception of each AMZOO product focuses on the “people-oriented” design concept, taking comfortable experience as the foundation of design, thus establishing emotional links with users and creating warm products to meet their inner needs, thus improving users’ quality of life and happiness.AMZOO is committed to exploring the vitality and beauty of home life and integrating it into product development and creation, providing global home users with a one-stop high-end, warm and wonderful new Japanese lifestyle.Essential mosquito constitution!The temperature kept rising, in a twinkling of an eye to the alternate days of spring and summer, as a typical mosquito constitution, the most can not bear is the mosquito harassment to insomnia every night and night…AMZOO This intelligent light-sensing mosquito repellent breaks through the defects of traditional mosquito killing, no dust, no chemical substances, the use of high-quality solvents, mosquito repellent effect increased by 98%, also suitable for infants and pregnant women, it is obvious that it does no harm to human body.Before sleep always want to be mosquito wake up, since opened it, the night clear quiet, comfortable a sleep until dawn!In the heater, the use of a higher end OF the PTC ceramic heating element, not only heat and balance, coupled with the overload protection chip, so compared with the traditional mosquito repellent, intelligent light sensing mosquito repellent with higher safety performance.A good shower determines the experience of the whole bathroom. It starts with water to protect the health of the whole family. It is really recommended to start with this AMZOO Beauty shower.AMZOO AMZOO Beauty shower adopts advanced water-saving pressurization technology, with half of the water can reach the same pressure as other showers, so it saves 40%~50% water than ordinary showers.The flow of water is exquisite and even and powerful, the touch is silky, and the sense of use is particularly good.Just pull open close, fine mist of water like an arrow “swish” spray out.Under the impact of continuous high pressure water flow, hit the body crisp and numb, as if the acupoints of the whole body can be stimulated, especially tired, comfortable to scream!AMZOO AMZOO Beauty shower also built-in VC nutrition box, contains natural lemon essential oil, collagen, vitamin C and other active ingredients, enjoy a healthy bath!Keep your house warm!AMZOO AMZOO floor heating pad has a general heating effect on traditional heaters, with slow heating and high pain points of electricity charges. The floor heating pad adopts far infrared ray heating, which is energy-saving and not dry, and warm gently from top to bottom.The surface of the floor heating pad is made of imported PVC material. The surface is specially treated to be scratchproof, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. If the surface is dirty, it can be easily removed with a dab of dry and wet cloth.Winter will pass, spring will come.Every cold day, AMZOO Amuzo home hope we spend warm.In the view of AMZOO, every household item has a unique soul, which will have a lasting and potential impact on users, and can bring happiness and quality of life.AMZOO Amuzo home, let your life a little more fun.