The barber shop is closed for Chinese New Year

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With a change of heart, Zeng guang meets the needs of young people.This Spring Festival, zeng Guang, a barber born in the 1990s, did not go back to his hometown of Kaiyuan, Tieling, but stayed in Dalian.”I was alone in the barber shop, working every day. I felt that the Spring Festival was quite special and meaningful. However, my father was a little angry with me for not coming home for the Spring Festival.”Zeng Guang said with a smile that these days, he often called home to try to make his parents happy.Born in 1992, Zeng Guang has been struggling in Dalian for more than ten years. Now, he is a famous barber of “Xiao Ge Male barber shop”. The city he regards as his second home carries his dream and glory.”I come from a rural area in Kaiyuan, and my parents are very traditional people. My father, in particular, attaches great importance to the rules left by the elders.He especially wanted me to go home for the Spring Festival, but I decided to stay in Dalian for the holiday considering the risk of the epidemic.”Zeng Guang told reporters that he has a younger brother, who is also working in other places. This year, he went home for the Chinese New Year.”My parents have 70 or 80 cows, and they are very tired all the year round. Just pointing to the days when their two sons can come back to them, the whole family will be round and round. They think this year’s hard work is worth it…In fact, I quite understand them, but this year is special, SO I decided to stay in Dalian for the New Year. When the epidemic completely stabilizes, I will go back to see them.”Zeng Guang’s voice was a little choked up. He was a kind, ambitious and positive young man. In the eyes of his colleagues, he was a very positive guy.On the 29th day of the Lunar New Year, barbershop colleagues have a holiday, Zeng Guang opened the “one person’s barbershop” mode.”I went to work that day and cut seven customers’ hair…In the evening, the guests dispersed, the setting sun, I cleaned the sanitation, and then affixed the couplets and the word fu.At that moment, a little homesick indeed!”That night, Zeng guang bought cooked food and also ordered takeaways — a pig’s trotters, a roasted chicken, a fried cocoon pupa, a plate of prawns, a plate of cold dishes…When the food was put on the table, Zeng guang realized that the dishes he had collected were all the dishes his mother would cook for the family reunion dinner every year.The melancholy of New Year’s Eve is quickly erased by the freshness of each new day.”In the early morning of the first day of the first lunar month, Lin Xiaoge, the barber shop owner and I went to Lushun to visit a good friend. His mother is always in bed, but usually lives in a nursing home.We went to pay New Year’s greetings to the old lady and talked about how we would go to the nursing home every month to give free haircuts to the old people. The old lady was very happy…After returning from Lushun, I went back to work at the barbershop. On the same day, I cut the hair of five customers. Was that a surprise?Zeng Guang said with a smile that nowadays, many young people’s ideas have changed quietly, and the folk saying “no haircut in the first month” has no binding force on them. Some young people will make an appointment for a haircut or styling before their classmates get together or visit important friends, and they don’t care if it is the first day of the New Year.Zeng Guang told reporters that from the first to the sixth day, he worked every day, at most five guests a day, at least two a day.”Most barbershops are closed during the Spring Festival holiday, but in my experience this year, there is still demand for haircuts.”Apart from work, Zeng also watched a New Year’s Eve movie, something he couldn’t do at home.”A familiar customer gave me two tickets, but I had a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend, who was in Harbin.So I resold one of the tickets and went to see a movie myself.”There were many jokes in that movie, and Zeng Guang almost laughed all the time. After the movie ended, he felt relaxed. Through the neon of the city, he seemed to see a promising life in the New Year.