Clippers tough guy super kill!The hand holds 400 million contract, marries bai Fumei first love, the predecessor is also the best

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Beijing time on January 26, the NBA focus on super script to kill, and the wizards in the clippers at the end of the life and death moment, the clippers from 35 points behind in most cases, finally will be approached to only 3 points, 8 seconds remaining, kenner, administering the last minute stand-in with defensive calm go against MAO in the 3 + 1, help the team to complete fightback.In fact, more than 9 seconds left in the game, the clippers still six points behind the opponent, at the time, is still the kerner, stand up, complete a kop 3-pointers, hollow, the instantaneous gas, then he with enormous pressure, in the case of opponents foul, a 3-pointer, once again back to life at the same time, also get shot free throws, frontIt’s like an open script.It’s worth noting that the Clippers have come back by at least 24 points three times this season, against the Nuggets (25), sixers (24) and Wizards (35) in a span of two weeks.Big scene and about a friendly Mr Khanna, had already been proves himself in data and is only 26 years old this year, he really has become a core player’s potential, all contain power, to give the team’s attacking options, sustainability, not only that, he has a passing and ability of organization, shooting ability is too full, even playing board is also very robust.That’s why the Clippers immediately offered Kennard a four-year, $64 million extension.Of course, he also has a disadvantage, limited by his wingspan, Kennard is really not good at defense.The field scenery is infinite, the field is also proud, rich and handsome representative of Kennard, the pillow is also the best in the world, he just completed the proposal ceremony in October last year, is a love career double harvest.Kennard’s wife was his first love in high school, but the couple didn’t always stay together. He was also romantically involved with American actress Savannah Cressley, but the couple ended up together.