The Nets and SUNS unveiled their starting lineup, with Ayton Harden returning and Nash wondering how to limit Chris Paul

2022-06-28 0 By

James Harden was confirmed to be back in the Lineup for the Brooklyn Nets’ game against the Phoenix SUNS.The starting five for the Nets are Mills, Harden, Irving, Edwards and Nicholas Clarkston.Before the game, coach Steve Nash talked about his former parent team, in addition to the depth of the SUNS, they are a balanced team, and the players are very compatible.As for Paul, Nash said he’s a master at the guard position, but there aren’t many ways to limit him.The sun and the nets this game is the former team-mate Paul and griffin together, two people to work the time has the perfect moment, there are no friction, the griffin said before the game, “a lot of problems is exaggerated, if lose, simple things become complicated, we are competitors, we have a tacit understanding.”SUNS starting five are Ayton, Crowder, Booker, Chris Paul and Bridges, it is worth mentioning that today’s game is ayton’s first game after a seven-game injury.