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Urban residents and farmers: Hello!At present, it is the spring season and the Tomb-sweeping day. With the temperature rising, it is the high incidence of red fire ants. The Agriculture, rural areas and water Bureau of Yuncheng District reminds us: holiday travel, tomb-sweeping day, mountain and field, outdoor outing, please pay attention to red fire ants.Red imported fire ants are recognized as one of the 100 most dangerous invasive species in the world. They are highly aggressive and harmful to humans and animals. There are no natural enemies in China, and guangdong has a suitable climate.Aggressive, distinctive, evasive.Red imported fire ants can feed on agricultural and forest crops, gnawing on power lines, causing breakdown of facilities and damaging the ecological balance.Different from native ants, red fire ants are highly aggressive when disturbed. They sting humans and animals, release toxic proteins, and cause burning pain, blisters, and even shock in a small number of allergic ants.Red imported fire ants nest is shaped like a hill with a honeycomb inside, about 10-30 cm high. It is most common in park lawns, mountain forests, fields and highway green belts.The best way to avoid the sting of red fire ants is to stay away from the nest, do not stay in the active area of red fire ants, do not step on the nest.Spread agents, targeted clearance, pay attention to prevention and control.Red fire ant prevention and control, to use red fire ant special agent.Do not disturb the ant nest when the agent is put into the ant nest, 50 to 100 cm around the dot or ring evenly appropriate amount of the spread.Currently, the most effective agents are baits made from counterpart pesticides that produce control effects seven to 10 days after release.All the towns (streets) have set up retail stores of red fire ant potions to facilitate the purchase of urban residents and farmers.You can log on the official website of Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, search the words “red imported fire ant medicine retail”, query the nearest retail point to you, please purchase medicine under the guidance of professionals.If you are stung carelessly, do not take it lightly and pay attention to treatment.Urban residents and farmers should not be alarmed if they are stung by red fire ants. They can wash the affected parts with water or soapy water, apply ice cubes to relieve the pain, smear steroid-containing ointment, do not scratch and keep the wound clean.If you have a history of allergy or severe reaction or shortness of breath after sting, you must go to the hospital quickly.To learn more about the prevention and control of red fire ants, please visit the official website of Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, or follow wechat public accounts such as Nanfang +, Nanfang Rural Daily and Agrochemical Baodian.I wish you all good health and everything goes well!Yuncheng District Bureau of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Water Resources On March 31, 2022 Editor: Yong Qiang Source: Yuncheng District Bureau of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Water Resources Editor: He Bo Xiaoyu Yuncheng published submission box: