Boast 2 niu Tu (581) drop!Today xiuluo 1 task completed, a reward lock gold armor

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Hello everyone, I am Lao Xia, a fan of The Classic Version of A Chinese Odyssey 2.Here will be updated at five o ‘clock in the afternoon every day, to bring you daily niu Graphic series plate, there are fun pictures, there are ghosts and magic, funny daily, ironic world propaganda, and various odds in the task, how?The aircraft did not burn stone, the result of a shaking hand, more than 200 burning stone to buy the bag, this is good, half a year do not have to buy a look at the other people’s 150 points along with the two fairy ware a muscle and bones, why are my god Dan ginseng fruit king?Burn incense to the god soldier, these 10 incense value can you believe that a player out of a 300 ring of balls set?This is with the senior reward has enemy ah 2 consignment points card points randomly changed to the people of the law step set, TSK TSK, good luck five times on the new car gold bi, there are challenges?Who says you need a Lucky gift box to get a brand-new car?This brother is also a cow, the crowd can be hit by the lottery drop!Today xiuluo 1 task to complete, a reward lock gold nail refining 10 into 7, now the odds so high?I thought my 72% already calculated very high ~ again see true · thug comprehend question mark, distressed 30 seconds full level iron egg jingwei?Well, it looks like it’s really not going to be tartan. Thanks again.Westward Journey poison sad mo love dust bankrupt good drunk flower autumn water because of you in high back C small two someone big talk Westward journey 2 classic version player’s paper.At the same time, welcome players from all walks of life to contribute, private letter I good ~ good, today’s share here.I am Lao Xia, if you are also a fan of big talk, you can follow me and share with you these interesting things and game dynamics here every day. See you next time