Winter is a good time to recuperate the body!Yin deficiency constitution, it is very important to find the “tonic prescription”

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Everyone’s life is unique, and everyone’s constitution is also unique. Some people live a regular life and have healthier habits, and their constitution will be stronger. Some people may be under the pressure of life for a long time, with irregular diet and life, and it is easy to become a sub-health constitution.According to the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine, people’s constitution can be divided into peaceful quality, Yang deficiency quality, Yin deficiency quality, qi deficiency quality and so on.Different constitutions also need to be treated differently.It’s Chinese New Year, and many of you are back in the warm harbor, where you can finally relax by pulling all-nighters, watching videos and playing video games, but you may not be aware that your body is changing because of these bad habits.In particular, office workers who have to work hard from nine to five every day may often go out for nightlife after work, so they are prone to sleep deprivation. Staying up late has become their normal state.Why to stay up late easily cause Yin deficiency constitution?Staying up late is the natural enemy of health, people who often stay up late are easy to become qi and Yin deficiency, Yin and Yang deficiency constitution, easy Yin deficiency fire.The main reason is that our body also needs to pay attention to the balance of Yin and Yang. Usually, Yang is active, Yin is static, Yang qi rises when moving, and Yin qi rises when static.For example, when we sleep at night, we should calm down, after entering the sleep state, blood flow is more smooth, “blood to the liver”, blood nutrition can be retained, Yin qi will follow the rise.If you always do the opposite, when it is time to fall asleep but very active, it is easy to lead to imbalance of Yin and Yang in the body, the body is easy to become Yin deficiency constitution.Does Yin deficiency constitution have how old effect to the life?People with Yin deficiency constitution usually have liver dysfunction, Yin qi does not come out, and Yin deficiency constitution is also easy to generate heat in the body. Therefore, people with Yin deficiency constitution usually have several characteristics of “dry, thin and hot”.”Dry” is mainly manifested as dry skin, dry mouth, dry stool and other aspects, Yin fluid insufficiency.Physical Yin deficiency of the body will be thin, but also due to the lack of Yin qi in the body, imbalance of Yin and Yang, the body is easy to fever, can be manifested as easy to get hot, easy to mouth ulcers, flushed face, hands and feet heart fever and so on.People with this kind of system are also vulnerable to physical health, may also appear impatient mood, easy to be angry, impatient, upset, physical and mental health is easy to be disturbed.Adjust Yin deficiency constitution, do these points are very important now during the Spring Festival in winter, it is a good time to regulate the body, Yang hidden in winter, Yin qi savings, the metabolism of the human body becomes slow, a lot of ability are easy to accumulate in the body, seize this good time, more conducive to enhance physical fitness, improve the body immunity.Diet: eat more sweet and cold moist food, eat less spicy food such as spicy food to eat less, like fried fried food to eat less, hot pot, barbecue food to control, like Onions, ginger, garlic and other condiments can also be put less, away from easy stimulation, easy to get angry food.It is recommended to eat a little more nourishing kidney Yin food, such as pork, duck, sesame, glutinous rice, leek, fennel, etc., can be appropriate to eat some, to achieve the nourishing effect.Some people stay up late and always like to drink coffee and strong tea. These drinks have a great impact on physical health and are not recommended for long-term drinking.It is best to eat and drink less before going to bed so that you can adjust your sleep state.Exercise and fitness: exercise not too much, to learn to moderate usually physical Yin deficiency of the body fluid insufficiency of people, like some often sweat strenuous exercise is not suitable, you can choose some low-intensity exercise for physical exercise.There is also a very important point to remind you that physical Yin deficiency is not recommended to do sultry sports, it is best to choose outdoor open sports, like the most popular ice and snow sports is a good choice.If you like to stay at home, you can also do chest expansion exercise, which is also a good way to nourish Yin.Recuperation constitution: ensure quality sleep, activities to control want to nourish Yin, sleep is also to ensure, at the same time as far as possible to do sauna, hot spring such as consumption of Yin qi activities.At the same time, we should also know how to control things, like playing mahjong, one of the Spring Festival activities, which is easy to arouse people’s desire to win or lose, is not conducive to temper control, but also to play less.Can use practice words, painting, listening to music and other ways to adjust their leisure time.From this point of view, it is not difficult to improve physical fitness, from now on, take action!Reference [1] “Winter is the best time to adjust physique detailed tuning prescription of eight physique”.[2] Health Times.2017-11-25 07:01.Golden Sheep.2015-06-03 06:23