Three emotional good guys who conspired to make the Nets miserable?

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After an eight-game losing streak, the Nets fell to 29-24, seventh in the Eastern Conference.Misfortunes never come alone, the Nets also spread harden may leave the news.Harden is said to want to go, the Nets are also interested in trade.There are also denials, but there is no smoke without fire, and this rumor has blossomed on the ground of reality.Harden came to the Nets to win a title quickly, and now that it’s a long shot, it’s hard to escape.The Nets obviously don’t want to let Harden go, but the trade option is a no-go option because he’s free to leave at the end of the season.The Nets paid a huge price for Harden and couldn’t accept the result.Last season, Harden was traded to the Nets, along with Durant, Irving to form a trio.The nets were expected to win easily.Even without a title, the Nets were favored to start the season.That’s because durant was forced to sit out the Eastern Conference finals when giannis antetokounmpo appeared to kick the ball.The Bucks were considered underdogs, and the Nets were pitied and favored even though they lost.Why the nets now into the collapse of the situation?Owen was the one who knocked over the dominoes.The Nets refused to let Irving play on the road because he refused to be vaccinated.Irving is one of the big three, without him, the Nets are severely damaged.In order to win more games, the Nets had to overdraft Kevin Durant and James Harden, who were also injured.After Owen is allowed to play, he can only play away games, and the team lineup and running-in challenges.It can be said that the current predicament of the nets is caused by Owen.It hurts the Nets, but it doesn’t make Irving a bad guy. Personally, he has the right to skip the shot.In fact, Owen is a good man who has done charitable work around the world, including donating basketball courts in Guizhou.But Irving’s emotional and sensitive nature has affected his career.Before James returned to the Cavs, Irving led the team through a series of bottom-worst seasons.In his first season with lebron James, he won a championship in his second.Irving left the Cavs after three straight NBA finals appearances because of his dissatisfaction with James, and also went downhill.With his new celtics team, Irving tried to be the boss, but couldn’t sell.In an effort to educate the younger members of the team, Irving once called James to mock his younger brothers.Much has been said, but what Irving is doing on the court is obsessing over singles, further reducing his popularity with young players.As a result, Irving didn’t get along well with his teammates and didn’t help the team win.The season before Irving arrived, the Celtics reached the Eastern Conference finals, and the season he was eliminated in the Eastern Conference semifinals.At the end of the season, Irving left the Celtics with nothing but a patch on his back.It wasn’t just Irving who was sensitive. Harden was too.After the Nets struggled, Harden should have been up and trying to help the team.But Harden’s option is to cut himself loose and have a string of bad games.Harden also likes to complain, and complaints about coaches, teammates and teams have been heard around the league, according to The Journal.That’s not how the NBA does things, and Harden is used to it.When he played for the Rockets, Harden was the absolute centerpiece, putting up gorgeous numbers and putting the team into the top tier.Harden, however, has a reputation for playing poorly in the playoffs and struggling to step up when the Rockets are in trouble.With no desire to solve his problems, Harden tends to blame his teammates for his problems, fighting with Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Westbrook.Recently, in an interview with the media, Paul said that someone in the Rockets to coax play, almost named Harden.Even Kevin Durant, the nets’ master, is not good at managing emotions.Durant reached the pinnacle of his career with the Warriors, winning two straight championships and two Finals MVPS.At the time, it seemed better for Durant to stay with the Warriors beyond his contract.Just because he felt less valued than Curry, Durant chose to leave for a moment’s pleasure.A penchant for verbal sparring with online friends also revealed durant’s emotional side.Like Irving, Durant and Harden are good guys who love to do charity.But three good emotional people together, that’s not always a good thing.Because both have the habit of following their feelings, it is difficult to sacrifice for each other.When encountering difficulties, it is easy to escape, which also created the tragedy of the Nets today.Perhaps the union of these three was a mistake from the start.