Six inmates have escaped from a maximum-security prison in Israel using tiny soup spoons

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Six Palestinian prisoners from one of Israel’s most maximum-security jails have escaped with a spoon, giving Israel a real-life version of the Shawshank Redemption.Six inmates escaped from Israel’s Gilboa prison last week without the guards noticing.It was only when a sober farmer nearby reported that they woke up and counted the number of prisoners and determined that there had been an escape: six terrorists, five prisoners in the same cell and one prisoner in the next cell, all Palestinian.The leader, Zubeidi, a former officer in the Palestinian armed forces, was arrested and jailed by Israeli police for a suicide-car bombing. The other five were terrorists.Is this still the prison of Israel, the “bully of the Middle East”?Is it a coincidence that five prisoners from the same cell and one prisoner from the next cell managed to escape?First look at the jailbreak is how to jailbreak, highly brain-burning, everyone please pay attention!A month before the attack, Zubeidi, the leader, met with a group of six and decided that escape was the best way to buy his freedom.But how do you get out of here?After a long search, the opening behind the toilet sink was discovered.So with their only tool being a rusty spoon, they set to work on their great and arduous task, with a clear division of labor, one in turn, another in watch, and another in charge of the work they dug up.When not digging, the entrance is covered with a camouflaged floor.With the smell of sweat and urine, day and night, little by little, little by little, little by little, a month later, the operation has not been exposed, but quietly dug a 22-meter-long tunnel, leading to the prison’s outer wall under a guard tower.At around 3:30 a.m., after confirming that the prison guards, inmates, escape tunnels, and external handlers were all in good condition, they quietly escaped and joined their external handlers.Change their prison gear, pick up their weapons, and start their escape.They dug a hole in the toilet with a spoon. This is the power of the spoon. This is the last exit of escape, the semi-circular excavation surface can be seen faintly.The eldest brother is also a wise man, through the intense calculation of the brain, “the people running at night are either insane or stupid, but they are not these two kinds, because they have weapons in their hands, there is only one possibility that they are fugitives.””And that’s what happened.Were they really successful in the end?The prison break is the largest in Israel’s history and local authorities are taking it seriously.The fear is that the successful escape of terrorists will affect the mood of other prisoners in the same prison and embolden terrorist groups.Israel mobilized all its resources, including police, security forces, defense forces, special forces, land military dogs and air support, setting up about 200 checkpoints across the country to search for the fugitives.Five days after an Israeli manhunt began, the massive manhunt is paying off. Israeli forces arrested two fugitives south of Nazareth and two others in a truck park on the outskirts of the city. The other two are still on the run.1. Gilboya prison in northern Israel is known as one of The highest security prisons in Israel. It houses most of the most dangerous people, and most of them are serving life sentences or decades in prison.The six prisoners had planned to escape for more than a month without noticing until they succeeded.Two hours after the prisoners escaped, the guards on duty did not discover that six prisoners had escaped until someone reported to them.Where did the prisoner get the spoon? Prison is not allowed to have it.How the prisoner communicated with his handlers was almost seamless.It’s a small spoon that tests whether the inmates at Israel’s highest security prison are intelligent or poorly guarded.No comments here!